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AAG Membership

It is an exciting time to be a geographer. Interest in the field is growing, and the need for geographic knowledge and expertise is increasing.

When you join the AAG, you become part of an active community. As a member, you can:

  • Meet and network with other geographers and related professionals.
  • Learn about new approaches, methods, and techniques.
  • Develop your professional skills and advance your career.
  • Stay on top of current geographic research in your specialty.
  • Apply for special grants to support your research, fieldwork and teaching.
  • Join our community of scholars, educators, and practitioners.

Apply by Mail or Fax

Member Application [PDF].

Individual Membership

Anyone interested in the objectives of the AAG is eligible for membership and may become a member upon payment of dues. Members can nominate candidates and vote for national and regional officers, hold offices, and participate in meetings, programs, and other activities and services of the Association and its regional divisions.
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Developing Regions Membership

This new membership category is reserved for geographers residing in developing regions. They receive the same benefits and privileges as individual members.
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Corporate/Institutional Membership

Corporations, firms, institutions, libraries, departments, and other scientific, education, and/or business associations interested in the objectives of the AAG may join under this category.
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Why register?

An AAG account allows registered users to:

  • Register for events
  • Shop the AAG Bookstore
  • Submit a membership application online

Why join?

In addition to the above benefits, official AAG members also receive:

  • Exclusive access to the Jobs in Geography listings
  • Online access to scholarly journals and publications
  • Reduced rates for Annual Meeting and other event registration
  • Special discounts on books and merchandise

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