Association of American Geographers
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AAG Election

The 2015 AAG election will take place Jan. 30 - March 3. Members will receive an electronic vote link via email. Members who notified the membership director previously about preferring to vote via a paper ballot, will receive an election packet via U.S. Mail.



AAG Election Voting Process

The AAG's election takes place through an online voting system. The online procedure makes voting easier for AAG members, and votes cast online are conveniently managed, confidential, secure, backed-up, and certified.

All eligible voters receive an email with an ID voting password and a link to a voting page where they authenticate their identity. Once authenticated, the voter has access to a tamper-proof electronic ballot. Once the ballot is completed and submitted, the results are encrypted and kept anonymous. The voter then receives a receipt and is prevented from voting in the same election a second time. Paper ballots for those who requested them are counted at the end of the election process and added to electronic totals. Final results are published in March.

It's important to update your email address to make sure you will be able to vote. If you know your email address is up to date, there's no need to do anything further. But, if you want to verify or change your AAG member email address and any other information, you may do so by signing in to your AAG member account.

Members who prefer to opt-out of online voting can request a paper ballot by contacting Michelle Ledoux, AAG Membership Director, at 202-234-1450 (ext.133) or by email at membership@aag.orgVoters who choose this option will not have access to the online voting system.

All AAG members may vote. Information about the nomination and election process is available in "Section 2. Methods of Nomination and Election" of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association of American Geographers.