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Global Connections and Exchange 2014 Youth TechCamps: My Community, Our Earth Program 

on Geography, Mapping, Global Climate Change and Environment in Bolivia, Panama, and South Africa

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is pleased to announce that the Global Connections and Exchange; My Community, Our Earth (GCE MyCOE) Youth TechCamps took place this summer in Bolivia, South Africa, and Panama. Each of the three 10-day training camps focused on GeoTechnologies for Climate Change and the Environment. A total of 120 High school students from the United States, Bolivia, Panama, and South Africa were competitively selected from among hundreds of applications for the TechCamps based on a demonstrated interest in traveling internationally, familiarity with geographic technology, leadership aptitude, and service to the community. During the TechCamp, students self-organized on cross-cultural teams to create youth-led local projects. All participants  received academic preparation, orientation, mentoring and training in the use of GeoTechnologies such as online mapping, community GIS, mobile GPS, and crowd mapping.
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Read more about each TechCamp below: 

Bolivia Youth TechCamp 2014

South Africa Youth TechCamp 2014 

Panama Youth TechCamp 2014


The following collaborators made the TechCamps possible!

Dr. Patricia Solis, Program Director*, AAG
Astrid Ng
, Instructor and Social Networking and Communications Specialist*, AAG
Marcela Zeballos
, Instructor and Participant Logistics and Travel Coordinator*, AAG
Candida Mannozzi
, Orientation Coordinator and Facilitator, Content Specialist, AAG
Dr. Niem Huynh
, Evaluation, Learning Standards Coordinator, Orientation and Support, AAG
Kelsey Taylor
, AAG Support

Matthew Hamilton
, Instructor and Geotechnologies Training Specialist*
Nekya Young
, Instructor, Orientation, and AAG MyCOE Fellow

Javier Nuñez Villalba
, Bolivia Country Lead; GIS Training Specialist
Alejandra Choque
, Youth & Education Specialist

Sives Govender
, Country Lead; EIS-Africa
Bridget Fleming
, Youth and Education Specialist, Geography teacher; AfriSpatial
Gavin Fleming
, GIS Technologist; AfriSpatial
Serena Coetzee, University of Pretoria
Ferdie Heunis, FREE Trust

Manuel Quintero,
Autoridad de Innovación Gubernamental
José Luis González,
Esri Panama
Alexis Torrez
, MyCOE Alumni 2006, Youth Development
Marta Lewis de Cardoze,
Country Lead, Galindo Foundation
Clorislena Alvarez
, Logistics, Galindo Foundation
Magdalena Durán,
Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá


For more information about GCE MyCOE Youth TechCamps, contact the Project Director Patricia Solís.