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MyCOE Projects can be completed by individuals or groups.  They can be part of a classroom project, a youth organization activity, or just on your own.  Youth includes anyone of middle school, secondary school, undergraduate, or graduate school age.

Required Elements

*Your project title
An appropriate descriptive title of your project. A good title has about five to seven words and references the main theme and/or location.

*MyCOE project map with a description
At least one original map as a centerpiece. Maps may be digital (e.g., GIS maps) or hand drawn but must be legible. Maps should be georeferenced at a reasonable level. Please describe your map: What does it show? 
*Your project summary
A brief description of your project. What was your main question? How did you find the answer? What were your main results? 
*An original photograph with a captions
A photograph showing you doinging your work or people in action. Photo captions may include information about who is in the photos, where they are, what they are doing, etc. 30 word max.

Please note that photographs submitted must be original work. Appropriate consent is necessary if students under the age of 18 are featured in photographs. 


Optional Elements

* Project Report (OPTIONAL):
Project reports may include:

- Full descriptions of the project questions, methods, and conclusions.
 - A list
of proposed actions or solutions for your community
- Descriptions of the impact that your project might have on your community or on yourself.
- How you would like your MyCOE project to make a difference in  your community, if and how you have shared the results of your MyCOE project locally (such as with the newspaper, city government, community leaders) 
-Bibliographies, field notes, or additional references. Please be sure to properly credit and cite any information that is necessary.

* Additional Maps or Photographs (OPTIONAL):

If you wish to provide additional maps or photographs, the best way to do so is to save them as a .pdf file and upload them in the optional Report file (see above).
* Multimedia Links (OPTIONAL):

Please give us the link to your project website or video if you wish, and we will upload it to our MyCOE YouTube Channel. 

 Any project that uses geographic methods or analysis and maps to address sustainable development issues is appropriate for a MyCOE Project. Projects should be conducted by or with youth, whether from middle school to secondary school to undergraduate or graduate levels students in either formal or informal educational settings. Individuals or groups are encouraged to showcase how geography, geographic perspectives, and geographic tools like maps and GIS, can be used to help their own communities create more sustainable solution to local social, economic, and environmental challenges. A special set of resources to help you are online at

Any project submitted is done so under the conditions in this document that provides details about eligibility, usage and permissions here.


Interested in conducting your own youth project?

Get started here at Five easy steps show you how to create and submit your own sustainable development project using geographic learning in your community.

We will review your project and upload it to the MyCOE Project Gallery

Have a MyCOE related question? Please see our FAQ page.