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My Community, Our Earth: Prizes for Top Projects

Select MyCOE projects submitted before June 1, 2012 will receive prizes including (but not limited to):

  • Flip HD video cameras
  • GIS software
  • Books
  • GPS units (Trimble Juno devices)
  • Travel support to meetings

Projects received by Earth Day (April 22, 2012) will also be eligible to receive a special prize of $400

Send us your projects here!


Top MyCOE projects are ones which are youth-led, innovative and show promising ideas generated by youth to help their communities or communities around the world tackle their sustainable development issues. Eligible MyCOE projects must contain all of the components listed at and must be turned in under the conditions found in this document, which provides details about eligibility, usage and permissions. 

To be eligible for these prizes, submit your MyCOE projects by the June 1, 2012 deadline (as stated above, projects submitted by April 22, 2012 will be eligible for a $400 prize in addition to the other prizes). We will notify you via e-mail if your project has been selected. You can submit as many MyCOE projects as you like. The more you send, the better chance you have to win!