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MyCOE Youth Leadership Project Gallery 

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If you would like your project to be included in our project gallery, please click here to send it to us.



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blog comments powered by Disqus

The gallery is an interactive map of more than 645 projects from young people in 52 countries that tells of how students and pupils are making a difference for the environment and their communities around the world. All projects use geographic tools like online mapping or even hand-drawn maps to identify sustainable development problems and solutions in local places.  MyCOE also provides a way for youth to connect with each other around their work and facilitates exchanges and sharing across projects. Some of them you find here were developed through this online collaboration.

We recently added more than 300 new projects, most of them supported through the MyCOE Global Connections and Exchange Program, funded by the US Department of State.


Click on a dot on the map to see each project, then comment in the boxes provided on each page!