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Linking Channel Instability to Urbanization in the
Upper Beaver Creek Watershed, Knox County, Tennessee

Esther Parish


Geographic focus: USA / Tennessee, Upper Beaver Creek Watershed, Knox County

Date completed: 2002

The Knoxville/Knox County, Tennessee area is one of the fastest growing regions in the southeastern United States.  Over the past several years, citizens and local agencies have become particularly concerned about development impacts within the Beaver Creek watershed of north Knox County. Ester Parish, a local student, conducted an associative study of ten sites within the upper Beaver Creek watershed, to determine the relative stability of different stream channels. Esther then created a GIS for the upper Beaver Creek watershed that consisted of layers of stream, soil, land use, road, population, and elevation data, taking into account nine urban indicators for each of the ten catchments corresponding to the field sites. Esther recommended that addition scientific research focus on aerial characterizations of channel stability, to determine whether or not the eroding banks in the upper watershed are prematurely filling downstream catchment areas.

Topics / keywords: Urbanization; Stream Ecosystems; Channel Instability  

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