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SONAR Project: Using Maps to Encourage
Sustainable Economic Trade between Countries

Don Adams and other students from Vail High School


Geographic focus: USA and Mexico / Border region in the states of Arizona, USA, and Sonora, Mexico

Date completed: 2002

States of countries on both sides of international borders have needs particular to their geographic setting. The citizens of these states often have more in common with their border neighbors than with the rest of their respective countries. A team of students from Vail High School, in Arizona, carried out a study comparing geographic characteristics between their state and the Mexican state of Sonora. They gathered and analyzed data on the exchange of products between the two states, the flow of people, population statistics, institutions of higher education, and infrastructure such as airports. The students involved in the project from Vail High School proposed to meet with students from the state of Sonora. 

Topics / keywords: Border Regions; Population Distribution; Demographics

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