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Shack Settlement Planning - Transforming an Informal Settlement into a Viable Community:
Duncan Village, South Africa

David Kay


Geographic focus: South Africa / Duncan Village
(The author is from the USA)

Date completed: 2005

Although recent government programs in South Africa have facilitated the redevelopment of many communities, for many the promise of urban renewal has proved elusive. David Kay, a student at Brigham Young University in the USA, created maps of population density and land use to evaluate efforts to redevelop Duncan Village, one such community. He also conducted extensive fieldwork in the community, interviewing planners, city officials, professors, and local residents. Following analysis his maps and fieldwork, David created a community planning model that incorporated techniques designed to raise quality of life among low-income South Africans.

Topics / keywords: Urban Redevelopment; Housing

Project (pdf - 1.0MB)
Presentation (pdf - 0.9MB)