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A Solution to Environmental Pollution:
Population Control Mobilization

Kübra Güneº, Betül Güneº, and Ayºegül Toprak


Geographic focus: Turkey

Date completed: 2002

Urbanization over the last 20 years in certain regions of Turkey has created a pattern of population distribution similar to that of Scandinavian countries such as Sweden. In other regions, however, population growth represents a serious threat to the environment. A team of high school students from Ankara, Turkey, used a map to show how the nature of urbanization differs throughout the country. They also discuss environmental issues, such as pollution and depletion of natural resources, related to population growth. The students proposed several recommendations to address the environmental consequences of unchecked population growth, including regular collection of accurate census data, environmental awareness campaigns, and encouragement of family planning.

Topics / keywords: Urbanization; Population Growth; Pollution

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