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Preliminary Study of the Estuarine Ecosystem of the Portugués River in the Playa De Ponce Sector

Vimar J. Martínez Borges, Manuel Vera Martínez and Angel M. Ríos González


Geographic focus: Puerto Rico / Playa De Ponce Sector

Date completed: 2002

The Portugués River is an ecologically important feature of the Playa de Ponce sector of Puerto Rico—beyond its value as a recreational site, it provides habitat to two endangered species. A team of students from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico carried out a study of the condition and quality of the estuarine section of the Portugués River. In addition to collecting data on pH, salinity, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and other parameters, they used a GPS to carry out a census of flora and fauna. They found the water body to be significantly polluted and recommended implementation of initiatives designed to restore the ecosystem.

Topics / keywords: Estuaries; Water Pollution; Recreation Areas

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