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A Study of the Agro-ecological Characteristics of Rice Cultivation and a Plan for a Pilot Project to Improve Rice Yields through Application of Precision Agriculture in the District of Alanje, Chiriqui, Panama

Ruth Reina


Geographic focus: Panama / the District of Alanje

Date completed: 2002

Precision agriculture offers farmers an array of tools and practices designed to improve yields and cut costs. However, like any other emerging technology, an accurate assessment of human, natural, and economic resources must factor into its development and application. Ruth Reina, a student in Panama, carried out a comprehensive study of the factors that influence rice yields in the District of Alanje, Panama, to help establish precision agriculture techniques for this crop. Ruth compiled data on historic and contemporary production practices, common pests, and biophysical characteristics of the region. She also used aerial photos and satellite images, together with these data, to create a series of maps to help guide agricultural development. She proposed that additional studies be carried out to identify areas best suited for precision agriculture and to design strategies for exporting rice overseas. 

Topics / keywords: Precision Agriculture; Rice; Agroecology  

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