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Preserving our Natural Heritage - Paraíba do Sul River

Carlos Eduardo de Almeida, Elaine Folly Ramos,
Marcia Simões Carvalho and Maria do Carmo Silva


Geographic focus: Brazil / Paraíba do Sul River watershed 

Date completed: 2002

The Paraíba do Sul River watershed, which extends throughout the Brazilian states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, drains densely populated areas which threatens its water quality and ecological integrity. A team of students from the Centro Universitário De Barra Mansa, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, carried out a project designed to focus public support on environmental protection within the Paraíba do Sul River watershed. They collected information on the region’s natural resources, conducted surveys and questionnaires and delivered lectures as part of the project.

Topics / keywords: Natural Resources; Water Quality; Environmental Degradation

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