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Using Geoprocessing to Analyze the Development of Coastal Areas in the Municipality of Tabau Do Sul

Diêgo de Almeida Pereira and Ricardo Farias do Amaral 


Geographic focus: Brazil / Municipality of Tabau do Sul, State of Rio Grande do Norte

Date completed: 2002

Construction on or near beaches often degrades the fragile ecosystems found in these areas. Two students from the State of Rio Grande do Norte studied the development of housing projects along the coast of their municipality. Using aerial photographs taken at different times and data collected in the field with GPS, they created a map of the region that showed which areas are most threatened with ecological degradation as a result of human activities. To reduce pressure on the beach, the students recommended that tourism-related construction be restricted to areas already developed, that the coastal strip be monitored regularly, and that the existing buffer zone be widened, particularly in certain vulnerable areas

Topics / keywords: Erosion; Development  

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