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Mortality rate distribution in Klaipeda city districts

Lina Pociute and Olga Belous


Geographic focus: Lithuania / city of Klaipeda

Date completed: 2002

Accurate and current data on factors and rates of mortality are important in the work of planners and administrators of large cities. Lina Pociute and Olga Belous, two students from Klaipeda University in Lithuania, studied causes of death in their city and created a ‘mortality index.’ They also mapped their city by concentrations of different causes of mortality. They found that the zones had widely varying death rates (between 341 per 100,000 in one district to 1,058 per 100,000 in another). As a follow-up study, the students proposed that environmental factors affecting human health in different zones of the city be analyzed with an objective of explaining spatial variation in the city’s death rate.

Topics / keywords: Mortality; Urban Areas  

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