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The Use of GIS and Spatial Analytical Techniques to Establish Micro-climate and Forest Core of
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

A team of students from Queensway Secondary School


Geographic focus: Singapore / Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Date completed: 2002

Loss of biodiversity due to fragmentation of habitat is one of the most serious environmental consequences of expanding human populations. A team of students from Queensway Secondary School in Singapore studied the microclimate conditions present within the boundary of nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. They used GIS and spatial analytical techniques to organize the data they collected. Following this analysis, they discussed the potential for forest conservation in light of impacts from encroaching and incompatible surrounding land use. Among their other recommendations for protecting the Reserve, they propose that the National Park Board closely examine land use plans for the area to the north and west of the area.  

Topics / keywords: Micro-climates; Core-Periphery; Forest Conservation; Sustainable Development  

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