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Landuse Changes and
Sustainable Development in Singapore

Lin Jingyi, Colin Teo Guo Xuan, Guo Wei Yang, Chew Mei Ying, Yeo Tong Tong,
Chong Shimin, Sim Shi Yun, Tan Meow Jiat, Low Wan Li and Ang Gim Yean


Geographic focus: Singapore

Date completed: 2002

In a densely populated country such as Singapore, development must proceed with great consideration of its potential effects on the region’s natural environment. A team of students from Anderson Secondary School in Singapore evaluated a number of initiatives in terms of how well they support the broad goals of sustainable development. The students concluded that, overall, the course of development was sustainable, but they made several recommendations to improve it, including creation of buffer zones around environmentally sensitive areas, increased public participation in the planning process and greater use of Environmental Impact Assessments.

Topics / keywords: Land Use; Sustainable Development

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