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Giving Life to Ruins

Lydia Morrison, Peta-Gaye Doyley, Sofia McKnight, Althea Foster,
Sasha-Gay Isaacs, Kera Thompson, Crystal Thompson, and Kimberly Jones


Geographic focus: Jamaica / downtown Kingston

Date completed: 2003

Kingston suffers from the social and economic consequences of high unemployment urban decay in the city’s core. A team of students from Wolmer’s High School for Girls in Kingston, Jamaica, studied the possibility of using derelict buildings in downtown Kingston as space for job creation programs, particularly those in which street vendors receive training. The students mapped derelict buildings, interviewed city officials as well as residents, and collected publically available demographic data.  From their analysis, they made several recommendations, including establishing a rehabilitation program for former criminals who seek legal employment and focusing more on rural development initiatives to slow the process of urbanization.

Topics / keywords: Employment; Local Economy  

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