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The Geographical Distribution of Dyers Woad over Time and Space in Logan Canyon, Utah

Jenna Forsyth and Cassey Anderson


Geographic focus: USA / Logan Canyon, Utah

Date completed: 2002

Exotic invasive species represent a major threat to sustainable development worldwide. Dyers woad, an exotic plant brought to the United States hundreds of years ago, has significantly altered the natural vegetation community in northern Utah, displacing native grasses. Students from Logan High School in Utah used GPS units to map the distribution of dyer’s woad at two sites in 2002 and compared their data to data collected in 1988. To found that the plant had spread considerably, particularly in burnt areas. To combat the problem, the students recommend introducing a species of fungus as a biocontrol agent. 

Topics / keywords: Exotic Species; Wildfires

(pdf - 8.2MB)