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The Chaina’s Forest after Establishing
“The Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna of Iguaque”
(Boyacá, Colombia)

Luz Andrea Silva Restrepo


Geographic focus: Colombia / Chaina’s Forest region

Date completed: 2002

Protected areas must often be managed to meet the needs of a diverse body of stakeholders, including conservationists, resource extractors, and members of local communities. Luz Andrea Silva Restrepo, an ecologist from Colombia’s Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, conducted informal interviews with representatives of these different groups, in order to understand their relationships to Chaina’s Forest. Luz also carried out a spatiotemporal analysis of the region using a GIS. Recommendations to the improve the management of the protected area include better communication and cooperation among different groups of users, and more meaningful regulations governing use.

Topics / keywords: Protected Areas; Natural Resources; Buffer Zones  

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