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Evaluation of Anthropogenic Effects in Bosphorus

Mustafa Oðuzhan Çolak and Sinan Serdaroðlu


Geographic focus: Turkey / Bosphorus Strait

Date completed: 2005

The Bosphorus, the world’s narrowest strait used for international navigation, has suffered contamination from the high volume of ships passing through the strait as well as from the densely populated metropolitan area (Istanbul) that borders it on both shores.  Two students from Turkey studied environmental degradation of the Bosphorus strait’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. They mapped land use and land cover to better identify point and non-point sources of pollution. After analyzing their own maps, aerial photographs, and several charts and graphs, they concluded that rampant industrialization along the shores of the Bosphorus has contributed most to its contamination. They recommended that Istanbul city planners better manage state-owned areas.

Topics / keywords: Urbanization; Urban Planning; Environmental Degradation

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