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Development of Land Use of Cadastral Area of Municipalities Kolinany and Zirany in the 20th Century

Alexandra Ratajová and Katarína Vargová


Geographic focus: Slovak Republic / municipalities of Kolinany and Zirany

Date completed: 2002

Over the last forty years, vast tracts of agricultural land in the Slovak Republic have been developed into industrial or urban areas. Alexandra Ratajová and Katarína Vargová, two students from Nitra, Slovak Republic, used GIS and remote sensing to evaluate changes in land use over this time period for two local municipalities, focusing on how these changes might affect the stability of ecological systems. They measured stability with a Coefficient of Ecological Stability model and found that their study area is unstable over the long term. Alexandra and Katarína recommended reforestation of certain areas, strict limits on industry pollution, and creation of bike routes linking urban and rural points of interest.

Topics / keywords: Stability, Ecology, Climate; Land Use  

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