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Proposed Methodology for Analysis of
Cultural and Historical Heritage

Niem Tu Huynh, Alex van Wijst, Chris Lorenz,
Joe McPherson, Tammy Partridge and Christian Poon


Geographic focus: Canada / Waterloo region

Date completed: 2005

The issues of traffic congestion and land-use in urban areas have become priorities to many local planners. The government of Waterloo, Canada, has encouraged use of trails as alternative forms of transportation. A team of university students from Wilfrid Lauirer University conducted an intercept survey of the Iron Horse Trail and used GIS to interpret their data. Based on their analysis of land use and behavioral patterns in the study area, the students concluded that the Iron Horse Trail is well used and they recommended converting an old railway line into another trail to extend the benefits to more of the local population.

Topics / keywords: Alternative Transportation; Land Use; Planning

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