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Land-use changes history (1940-1993) in the Neotropical Landscape in Choachi and Ubaque (Cundinamarca, Colombia) And their Relation to Socioeconomic Dynamics

Jose Arturo Restrepo-Aristizabal


Geographic focus: Colombia / Cundinamarca

Date completed: 2002

The twentieth century witnessed profound shifts in land use, even relatively remote and sparsely populated mountainous regions of the world. Jose Arturo Restrepo-Aristizabal, an ecologist at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia, used GIS to create a series of maps to document changes in land use over fifty years in the Cundinamarca region. Jose found that spatial patterns of land cover revealed a shrinking and increasingly fragmented natural ecosystem.  His recommendations to address this problem included development biological corridors, protection of the native remnant vegetation, and limits to use of agrochemicals and fertilizers.

Topics / keywords: Land Use; Sustainability  

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