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Chepelare Sustainable Development through Tourism

Gergana Iordanova, Borislav Georgiev, Tania Ruseva, and Angel Zahariev


Geographic focus: Bulgaria / Chepelare Municipality

Date completed: 2002

The region surrounding the Bulgarian town of Chepelare has the potential to draw large numbers of tourists who wish to experience its architectural monuments, local culture, and picturesque natural environment. University students from Sofia, Bulgaria, used GIS to map land use, tourist attractions, and other features of the Chepelare region to better understand how tourism development might be planned to ensure that its economic benefits do not come at the cost of environmental and cultural degradation. The recommended a number of proposals designed to guide this process, including creating of schools to teach traditional handicrafts and trades, improvement of infrastructure near cultural sites, reconstruction of the central square and its buildings according to local architectural styles.

Topics / keywords: Tourism; Sustainable Development

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