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My Community, Our Earth: MyCOE / SERVIR Global Fellowship Program Capstone Events


 Washington, District of Columbia

View recording of the Featured Event at NASA Headquarters - Broadcast on NASA-TV - Live Streaming

(Photos courtesy of Becky Pendergast, AAG; Photos courtesy of NASA)

Friday, April 4, 2:00 pm Eastern - Featured Event at USAID Headquarters

 The MyCOE / SERVIR Capstone Event celebrates a global program carried out over the past two years, with representative student-led projects highlighting how youth around the world are using remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and geospatial data to address climate change issues in their regions. An outstanding group of MyCOE / SERVIR Fellows were selected to showcase their work to demonstrate the power of spatial data and geographic thinking. They were nominated by instructors and staff of the MyCOE Program and SERVIR Hubs and chosen by USAID and NASA from among the 120 participants of the 2012-2014 MyCOE / SERVIR Program. These Capstone Fellows hail from ten countries and bring together four staggered regional rounds of 10-month fellowship terms in East Africa, Himalayas, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. In early April of 2014, Fellows meet with USAID and NASA staff, scientists and others in Washington, DC through symposia and exhibits convened at agency headquarters. They then travel to Tampa, Florida to present their work at a featured illustrated paper session during the Association of American Geographer's Annual Meeting, which draws nearly eight thousand attendees from over sixty countries.

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View Inspiring Testimonials from the MyCOE / SERVIR Capstone Fellows: 

Khin Seint Seint AyeKhin Seint Seint Aye, Impact of famous floating gardens on the environment and livelihoods of a unique Inle lake in Central Myanmar
Susan MalasoSusan Malaso, Application of GIS and RS Techniques in Frost Risk Mapping for Mitigating Agricultural Losses in Kenya
LhakpaLhakpa, Linking Traditional Beliefs on Climate Change to Scientific Understanding: A Case Study in Eastern Bhutan
Tsedenya Abebe MengisteTsedenya Abebe Mengiste, Assessment of Flood Frequency and Local Adaptation Practices in Dilu-Meda, Upper Awash, Ethiopia
Prasamsa ThapaPrasamsa Thapa, Surface Area Variation and Climatology of Tsho Rolpa Glacial Lake using Remote Sensing and GIS, Dolakha District, Nepal
Jirawat PanpengJirawat Panpeng, Vulnerability of Rural Coastal to Potential Sea Level Change: Case of Laemsing District, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand
Roseline Nijh Egra BatchaRoseline Nijh Egra Batcha, Participatory Learning and Gender Partnerships in Climate Change and Food Security: Mfoundi-Yaounde Cameroon
Joyeeta PoddarJoyeeta Poddar, Assessment of Glacier Health as a Response to Climate Change in Western Himalayas, India
Khoa NguyenKhoa Nguyen, Changes of paddy rice extent and its possible effect on the environment in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Seble DejeneSeble Dejene, Carbon Stock Estimation in Wof-Washa Natural Forest: Carbon Finance Options & Climate Change Mitigation, Ethiopia
Pramila PaudyalPramila Paudyal, Climate Change Vulnerability in Mountain Agriculture: A Case Study Of Susma Chhemawati VDC, Dolakha District, Nepal
Wasiu AlimiWasiu Alimi, Assessment of the Climatic and Socio-Economic Impacts of Illegal Logging in a Rainforest: The Role of Women, Nigeria
Lateefah OyinlolaLateefah Oyinlola, Assessment of vulnerabilities of fresh cut produce to climate change in South Western Nigeria
Tran Thi Mai AnhTran Thi Mai Anh, Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Administering Payment For Forest Environmental Services at Huong Son Hydroelectric Power Plant’s Watershed, Vietnam


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Dr. Patricia Solís, Principal Investigator
Astrid Ng, Participant Logistics & Detail Coordination Team Lead
Marcela Zeballos, Travel and Workshop Support Coordinator