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AAG NSF International Geographical Union Conference Travel Grants

NEXT IGU REGIONAL MEETING: Quebec City, Canada August 6-10, 2018

AAG Deadline to apply for an AAG IGU Travel Grant for the IGU Quebec: Deadline forthcoming  (applications received after this may be accepted as alternates)

IGU Deadline for submitting abstracts for oral and poster presentations during the commission sessions, general sessions and joint sessions: Deadline forthcoming 

The AAG has received funding from the National Science Foundation to defray the expenses of participation by U.S. scientists in the International Geographical Union Conferences from 2012 through 2016 as follows:

For the next upcoming conference to be held in August 2016 in Beijing, the AAG will provide approximately thirty travel grants: fifteen grants of $1,250 each to junior scholars, including graduate students and fifteen awards of $1,000 each to senior scholars. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  

The AAG IGU conference travel grant may not be used by attendees who have already received other NSF funding with a specific budget item for travel to the IGU International Conference in Beijing China, 2016. 

IGU Attendees and prospective travel grant applicants are responsible for making all of their own logistical arrangements, including registration, but in particular complying with the deadlines set by the IGU Organizing Committees.  Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts for papers and posters for the 2016 Beijing Conference is January 15, 2016.  

Eligibility: All scientists employed by US agencies, firms, and academic institutions may apply for support. All grantees must: 1) be citizens or hold permanent residency in the United States of America, 2) be registered for the main international congress or main regional conference even if their presentations are scheduled for a symposium or study group, and 3) travel via a US carrier in accordance with US government regulations.

Criteria: An applicant's proposal for a travel grant may be submitted for evaluation in one of four categories: 1) presentation of a scholarly paper (note January 15, 2016 abstract deadline), 2) workshop development and presentation, 3) international collaborative research, and 4) a special category of unique contributions that enhance the scientific value and scholarship of the meeting. Under each category, the overriding criterion the committee will use in evaluating applications is the intrinsic scientific merit of each applicant's contribution to the IGU conference. When contributions are of approximately equal merit, preference will be given to minority, female, and junior scholars, and to those who have previously received fewer travel grants through the AAG travel grant programs.

Applications: Applications must be submitted digitally using the online application form provided here. Priority applications are generally due the same date as IGU paper abstracts are due.  Applications received after this date may be selected as alternates. 

Notification and Acceptance:  Notificiations will be made prior to MARCH 15, 2016, which is the Early Bird Registration Deadline for the IGC 2016.  The status of applications received after this period will be provided as soon as information is available for alternates.  Awardees must fill in and send an acceptance form including the mailing address where the check should be mailed.  Please allow two to four weeks for checks to arrive once the form is received. 

Mentoring Activities: Some of the awardees in the junior scholar category are post-doctoral students; others are graduate students and early career faculty. While the travel grant program in itself competitively disperses funding for individual participation, the AAG has implemented mechanisms that enable group communication and interaction among awardees. AAG’s dedicated IGU awardee listserv to which scholars are automatically subscribed, serves as a means for sharing information about the event, logistics, instructions, local arrangements, and even supports scholarly discussion around themes of interest by participants. Junior scholars attending an IGU event for the first time may thus receive some orientation and preparation advice in advance of attending through an informal mentoring platform. Awardees are also encouraged to communicate with each other and meet together at the IGU conference.

Reports and Acknowledgment: By accepting an AAG NSF IGU Conference Travel Grant you agree to submit an expense report form and a brief narrative meeting report summarizing the discussions at the symposia, conference sessions, or field seminars attended. The report should be submitted via the online form prior the deadline specified on the form. Please acknowledge AAG and NSF support in presentations and publications. AAG encourages awardees to make an effort to have their work published in appropriate outlets, such as The Professional Geographer, AAG Newsletter, or the newsletter of a relevant specialty group. Such publications should, of course, acknowledge NSF support for the authors' participation in the regional conference or congress. 

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