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My Community, Our Earth: Global Connections and Exchange Program  

About the Program
The My Community, Our Earth: Global Connections and Exchange Program (MyCOE GCE) connects high school students in the U.S. with their peers abroad through virtual online meetings. These meetings are arranged through online video conferences, online phone calls and chat rooms. The purpose of these meetings is to stimulate thinking and collaboration between high school students across international borders around sustainable development themes such as climate change, green economy, food security and hazards and vulnerability, while enriching cultural literacy. We are looking for U.S. high school teachers who would like to participate with us.

To be eligible for this program you must be a U.S. high school teacher currently teaching at a U.S. high school. Teachers of any subject matter are encouraged to apply.

How can I participate?
To participate in this program, teachers must apply using our online form. You must include hours that you and your classrooms are available for exchanges. We will contact you once we have scheduled exchanges for you.

What do I have to do?
Applying to the program means that you will:
1. Schedule a total of three online exchange hours between your classroom and a classroom abroad (we will help you schedule these virtual meetings).

Upload a “MyCOE” student-led sustainable project to our online submissions system. Note: MyCOE projects must focus on sustainable development topics in your community. Each project much contain a project report detailing the project, a photograph depicting the project and a map (produced digitally or drawn by hand). Below we have included past MyCOE projects and activity guides you can use to help you fulfil this requirement. 

Sample Projects:

Activity Guides:
Climate Change Ecological Footprint Quiz  
Green Economy Scavenger Hunt 
Food Security Food Source Inventory 
Hazards in My Community Activity 

3. Submit a brief written evaluation detailing your experiences with the program—What site did you connect with? How many students were there? What did your students learn from the exchanges? What did the students discuss? What difficulties did you have?  Etc. 

What do I get?
For every time that you complete three hours of online exchanges between classrooms, upload a MyCOE project to our online system and submit your evaluation about your experience with the program, you will receive $300. You must let us know how you prefer to receive the $300.

What Classrooms are Available for these International Exchanges?

Ready to Apply?
Note: Please keep this window open, as you will need to refer to the codes above to choose who you would like to exchange with.