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Do you need some help or clarification on a MyCOE related issue? Please see the list below and contact the person who you feel can better assist you depending on what your needs are.
Necesita ayuda o aclaracion sobre un tema relacionado al programa MyCOE? Por favor vea la lista a continuacion y pongase en contacto con uno de nosotros.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Patricia Solis, AAG Director of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives,, +1(202) 558-7491, +(507) 239-0428
Located in: Panama City, Panama *habla español

Social Networking and Communications Specialist: Astrid Ng, AAG Research Assistant,, +1(202) 558-7491, 
+(507) 239-0428
Located in: Panama City, Panama *habla español

Internal Evaluator: Dr. Michael Solem, AAG Director of Educational Affairs,, +1(202) 234-1450
Located in: Washington, D.C., USA

Evaluation and Support: Dr. Niem Huynh, AAG Senior Researcher,, +1(202) 234-1450
Located in: Washington, D.C., USA


 MyCOE GCE Diversity Ambassadors

Niem Huynh (AAG - Ambassador Team Lead) - Washington, DC

Nate Sessoms (Brotherhood Crusade) - Los Angeles, CA

Neyka Young (Texas Southern University) - Houston, TX

Amanda Coleman (Northeastern State University) - Central Oklahoma

Timothy Hawthorne (Georgia State University) - Atlanta, GA

Ivan Ramirez (New College of Florida) - New York City, NY

Nick Oehm (FCE LTER - Florida International University) - Miami, FL