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Climate Change Resource Page

Activity Guide: Ecological Footprint Quiz
Sample Project: 
Family Income and Carbon Footprint, Davao City, Philippines

This resource list is designed to help provide background for youth projects focused on or related to climate change.

Teaching and Learning about Climate Change

AAG's Teaching About Global Climate Change: This teacher professional development resource includes background information on climate change science as well as a list of resources that you can easily browse, select, and send directly to your inbox. Student Misconceptions and FAQs are addressed on the site as well.

Alliance for Climate Change-- Climate Change Lesson Plans
NASA's Climate Change website
provides an excellent overview and facts regarding climate change as well as current data monitoring climate change indicators.
NASA's Climate Kids website is an interactive website for kids who want to know more about climate change. They have access to games and activities, "Climate Tales" and more.

The MyCOE Student Project Guide from 2002 includes a background chapter on Climate Change from researchers at the United Nations Environment Programme.

Classroom Modules and Case Studies about Climate Change

The AAG Center for Global Geography Education online module Global Climate Change is a resouce providing a model for student exchange study and discussions.  Case studies include:

View a compelling Geostory about Documenting Climate Change. 

Online Tools

NOAA's Climate Services website includes access to data, visualizations, and resources for educators.

Esri's Landsat Imagery site links to the Change Matters imagery viewer which is an excellent tool to use to compare change over time in land cover and land use. This site also provides access to landsat imagery through their image services link.

Climate Change Knowledge Portal (Beta) is a very informative and interactive tool which contains information, data and reports about climate change around the world. NEW!


Find additional online data or tools in the MyCOE Set of Recommended Resources on Climate Change.

Ideas for Youth Exchange Projects on Climate Change  

Begin exploring how to develop a geographic project with the MyCOE Project Toolkit


Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Carbon Footprints of the World - consider some of the human activities that accelerate environmental change and understand how footprints are different in different places on the earth
    New! Use this Ecological Footprint Activity Guide to help you get started. It includes a hand out to give your students that will help them complete a MyCOE project about Climate Change.
  • Sea Level Rise - anticipate the impact of rising coastlines on your community and compare results to youth in other parts of the world
  • Changes in My Community - see how the place where you live has changed over the last twenty years or so and discuss what they mean with students living in other parts of the globe


Be inspired by more ideas in the MyCOE Project Gallery.

Find out what you need to put together to submit your own MyCOE Project to our geoportal.