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Welcome to the AAG Disciplinary Data Dashboard!

NOTE: The AAG is currently improving its data collection processes and will soon be redesigning the Disciplinary Data Dashboard to provide the most accurate, reliable data we can to our members in a more user-friendly, intuitive format. For more information and/or questions about the data presented here email us at Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

AAG Membership Data

The membership form for joining the AAG (or renewing membership) acquires a wide array of data about the make up of the AAG membership, including data on gender, race/ethnicity, educational background, and employment. Although it is optional to supply this data, a high proportion of people do so thus the AAG has a large dataset which is updated annually.

AAG Departments Data

Every year the AAG collects data from geography departments in colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. This information includes details about undergraduate and graduate programs, types of degrees offered and degrees granted, numbers of majors, student and faculty demographics, faculty salaries, student assistantships, and professional development activities.

AAG Workforce Data

The AAG collects a variety of data annually on geographers in the U.S. workforce. This section features a collection reports summarizing the most recent findings as well as long-term trends on geographers in the workforce, along with the results of special surveys administered by the AAG on faculty salary characteristics and job placements for recent geography graduates.

AAG Special Surveys 

The AAG conducts occasional and special surveys to collect data on topics and issues relevant to the discipline. These surveys yield important data not found elsewhere and highlight the many proactive activities the AAG has undertaken over the past two decades to provide data on key issues affecting the discipline.

AAG Annual Meetings

The AAG has held annual meetings every year since the Association's formation in 1904 apart from a couple of wartime disruptions. Longitudinal data is available on the host locations, number of attendees, number of sessions and papers presented, and Presidential Addresses. You can also browse past programs of recent meetings.

AAG Archives

The Archives of the AAG are held at the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Data contained in the archives includes a full set of AAG Council reports and minutes, records of past AAG Annual Meetings, back copies of AAG journals, and back copies of AAG Newsletters. During 2016-2017 the archives are being fully digitized, after which the catalog will be available for browsing.


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