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Videos from AAG 2017: Boston



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Click on the "Playlist" menu on the video above to see a list of available videos from the AAG Annual Meeting. Next, select a video to watch. Descriptions of each video are listed below with links to watch them on YouTube. 

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Video Descriptions

Mainstreaming Human Rights in Geography and the AAG:
An Interview with Noam Chomsky by Doug Richardson

April 6, 2017—At the AAG Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, Noam Chomsky engaged in a conversational interview with AAG Executive Director Doug Richardson, as he has several times previously. The audience had an opportunity to ask questions following the interview. Chomsky also received the AAG Atlas Award, designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding, internationally-recognized leaders who advance world understanding in exceptional ways. Primatologist Jane Goodall, international human rights and political leader Mary Robinson, and civil rights icon Julian Bond have been the recipients of the first three AAG Atlas Awards. 

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Glen MacDonald's Presidential Plenary on Geographies of Bread and Water in the 21st Century

April 5, 2017—Kicking off the featured theme Geographies of Bread and Water in the 21st Century, Glen MacDonald’s same-titled presidential plenary session discussed the challenges to food and water security, which represent an increasing and potentially existential threat to global society.  

AAG Executive Director Doug Richardson delivered welcoming remarks to open the meeting. Speakers included AAG President Glen M. MacDonald (UCLA), Ruth DeFries (Columbia University) and Peter Gleick (Pacific Institute). Discussants were Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern (Syracuse University) and William G. Moseley (Macalaster College). 

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David Harvey's Featured Lecture: Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason

 April 8, 2017—David Harvey, one of the most influential figures in geography and urban studies, and among the most cited intellectuals of all time across the humanities and social sciences, delivered a featured lecture, “Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason," at the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting in Boston. He also received the AAG Brunn Award for Creativity in Geography during the AAG Awards Luncheon on April 9, 2017. This annual AAG award recognizes a geographer who has demonstrated originality, creativity, and significant intellectual breakthroughs in geography.

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James Hansen's Lecture: Global Climate Change: Can the Next Generation Avert a Catastrophe?

 April 7, 2017—James Hansen, known for his climate research and his Congressional testimony on climate change that raised awareness of global warming, delivered a featured talk, “Global Climate Change: Can the Next Generation Avert a Catastrophe?” at the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting in Boston. The session was chaired and moderated by AAG President Glen MacDonald. Hansen was also honored as the 2017 AAG Honorary Geographer during the AAG Awards Luncheon.

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AAAS' Rush Holt on Advancing Science in the Public Arena

 April 6, 2017—Rush D. Holt, Ph.D., chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), delivered a featured talk entitled, “Advancing Science in the Public Arena,” at the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting in Boston. Holt is also a former Congressman for New Jersey and Jeopardy Champion. AAG Executive Director Doug Richardson chaired and organized this session with panelist Rush Holt and discussants David Berrigan (U.S. National Institutes of Health - National Cancer Institute) and Antoinette WinklerPrins (National Science Foundation).

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Sarah Bednarz's Past President's Address and Presidential Achievement Award Presentation

April 7, 2017—AAG Past President Sarah Witham Bednarz explored the evolving role, nature, and relevance of geography education as viewed by former presidents of the AAG from 1910 to the present. AAG presidential addresses have, at times, commented directly on education issues; at other times the topic has been avoided, if not ignored. Bednarz conferred the AAG Presidential Achievement Award upon Roger Downs, professor of geography at Pennsylvania State University, during the close of her Past President’s Address. She remarked, “Downs is a scholar, excellent administrator, and guiding light for geographers interested in teaching and learning.”

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The 2016 U.S. Elections: Implications for Geography and Beyond

April 8, 2017—This high-profile panel session focused on analysis and research on the 2016 U.S. election and what the results may mean for geography, the nation, and our planet. It was chaired and organized by AAG President Glen M. MacDonald (UCLA) with Sarah Witham Bednarz (Texas A&M University),  Alexander B. Murphy (University of Oregon), Douglas Richardson (American Association of Geographers), Derek H. Alderman (University of Tennessee), Victoria A. Lawson (University of Washington), Julie Winkler (Michigan State University), among others.

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Need for Public Intellectuals in a Trump America: Strategies for Communication, 
Engagement, and Advocacy

April 6, 2017—Chair and organizer Derek H. Alderman joined panelists Meg Gilley, Joshua F. Inwood, Sriram Khe, William G. Moseley, Rebecca Maria Torres, Joseph S. Wood and Willie Wright to address a number of tools at the disposal of public intellectuals.

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