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Teacher’s Guide to Modern Geography

The Teacher’s Guide to Modern Geography (TGMG) includes instructional and resource materials designed to improve the preparation of teachers to teach geography. TGMG resources offer faculty members, preservice education students, and inservice teachers the opportunity to learn geography as well as how to teach it conceptually.

The materials include:

  • An interactive, multimedia Teaching Geography CD-ROM containing geography lessons and teacher’s notes that use an inquiry-based approach to instruction using geographic questions. Examples include: "How did the terrain around Harper's Ferry influence the outcome of the Civil War?" and "How can we estimate the local consequences of global climate change for a specific part of the world?"
  • Set of overhead transparency masters promoting spatial thinking skills
  • Teaching Geography textbook by Guilford Publications which provides background information and a disciplinary foundation.

To order the Teaching Geography CD-ROM visit the AAG Online Store.

Sample materials from the Teaching Geography CD-ROM*:

image of CD contents page

Contents Menu (6.7MB File) Rollover and click through the interactive menus to view the CD contents including brief descriptions of each unit.

Malaria (888 KB File) compares maps of precipitation, malaria, and several potential carriers of the disease to illustrate how scientists use map comparison to generate hypotheses about the causes of disease.


Command Economy (1.4MB File) puts students in the role of planners trying to choose good locations for food production in northern Asia.

Empires: Rome (1.4MB File) uses an interactive map to show the spread of the empire over several centuries and its persistent influence on European geography.


The Mormon Trek  (2.2MB File) examines several geographic factors that came together to influence where people settled when they moved west to escape religious persecution.

Correlation: Graphing Relationships  (684 KB File) is an introduction to the use of scatterplot graphs to see if two variables are spatially associated.

 *NOTE: The free Shockwave Plugin is required to view these sample files.

To order the Teaching Geography CD-ROM visit the AAG Online Store.

This project was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).