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Puente del mundo - Bridge of the world

This small county is home to a population of about 3.2 million. Panama City is the capital of Panama and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central America with a diverse population that reflects Panama’s rich history.

Panama City is also home to the Panama Canal, a 48 mile long waterway connecting the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Construction began in 1904 and the first ship sailed through the canal in April 1914. Since then, Panama has been at the center of global trade and currently functions as a major international banking center and transportation hub in the Americas. Outside of the capital and Canal Zone corridor, which includes the city of Colon, Panama is a tropical paradise with beaches, rainforests and grassy highlands. The country is divided into nine provinces and four indigenous territories. Spanish is the official language.

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About Climate Change in Panama

The overarching theme of the MyCOE GCE TechCamps is about Global Climate Change. Different regions of the world are expected to experience climate change impacts in different ways. The set of the three host sites provides a varied group representing different kinds of consequences of climate change expected in different places, while remaining coherent to the unifying theme of climate change.

In Panama, we will explore intersected themes of Climate Change, Water, and Hydroenergy. Later than usual onset of the tropical rainy season in Panama City has caused chronic low water levels in Gatun Lake, the manmade reservoir that feeds not only the Panama Canal, but also most of the country's urban water supply in the Panama City-Colon corridor.

In recent years, this has led to mandatory water shut offs and electricity outages, giving rise to school closings and store curfews as the growing city struggles to meet demand for these services.

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