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Global Connections and Exchange Youth TechCamp Organizers

This program is funded by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Youth  Programs Division through a cooperative agreement with the Association of American Geographers with funding from their Global Connections and Exchange Program.  The AAG implements the program under the auspices of its decade-long public-private partnership, entitled My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development. Learn more about each of these organizations by clicking on these links to program descriptions.

Over the past decade, MyCOE programs have supported about 800 youth projects in 102 countries, trained hundreds of teachers in the US and around the world, provided professional development, and facilitated connections among universities, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, private sector entities, and schools. The program emphasizes Agenda 21 topics, annual Framework Themes of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), the Millennium Development Goals, and implementation of the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development.  Many past projects are collected and showcased in the map-display Youth Leadership Gallery.

We are working in close collaboration in each of the MyCOE GCE TechCamp sites with long-term partners and strong relationships with the educational and academic community in each of the three host countries. In BOLIVIA, we work with our partner, the Instituto de Investigaciones Geográficas (IIGEO) at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz, which has most recently hosted for nearly two years as the national coordination site of the recently concluded MyCOE GCE program.  In PANAMA, our partnership centers with the renowned educational NGO, Fundación Gabriel Lewis Galindo, which since 2009 has been a member of the United Nations nongovernmental organizations and is associated with their Department of Public Information for its ample experience and capacity working with US State Department exchange programs, particularly Youth Programs. In SOUTH AFRICA, our partner EIS-Africa, is a pan African non-profit organization registered in the Republic of South Africa and is the leading regional organization promoting the use of Environmental and Geospatial Information, Science and Technology through a variety of capacity building activities including the hosting of the AfricaGIS conference and in-country training.  The respective cultural, scientific, or educational affairs sections of the US embassies in Bolivia, Panama, and South Africa also serve in consulation to the program for local advice and feedback. All have positively vetted our partners and their organizational and technical capacity for educational exchanges of this nature and scope.  

MyCOE GCE Youth TechCamps Program Staff

Principal Investigator: Dr. Patricia Solis,, +1(202) 234-1450, *habla español

Evaluation, Learning Standards Coordinator, Orientation and Support: Dr. Niem Huynh,


Social Networking and Communications SpecialistAstrid Ng, AAG Research Assistant, *habla español

Participant Logistics and Travel CoordinatorMarcela Zeballos, *habla español


Geotechnologies Training Specialist: Matthew Hamilton

*habla español


Orientation Coordinator and Facilitator, Content SpecialistCandida Mannozzi, *habla español


AAG MyCOE Fellow, Nekya Young

Additional Consultation

Dr. Joseph Kerski, Education Manager, Esri; Technical Education and Subject Matter Expert; Webinars

Dr. Jean McKendry, Online GIS and Climate Change Expert, AAG Senior Researcher

Dr. Michael Solem, AAG Director of Educational Affairs for Evaluation Oversight

International Coordination

Bolivia : Javier Nuñez Villalba, Country Lead; GIS Training Specialist and Alejandra Choque, Youth & Education Specialist

Panama : Marta Lewis de Cardoze, Country Lead; Youth & Education Specialist and Diana Laguna, GIS Training Specialist, Universidad Tecnologica de Panama

South Africa: Sives Govender, Country Lead; Subject Matter Specialist, Bridget Fleming, Youth & Education Specialist, and Gavin Fleming, GIS Technologist