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Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Include a Student Member on the AAG Council

Background: The AAG Council has endorsed the expansion of the AAG Council to include a Student Member. The following proposed amendments to Article IV of the Constitution of the Association of American Geographers would make changes necessary for adding a Student Councilor to the AAG Council.

The proposed changes to the AAG Constitution are indicated in red below:

Article IV, Section 1 shall be amended to read as follows:

Section 1. ... The Councilors shall be six elected at-large, and one elected from and by each regional division, and one elected from and by the student members of the association. ... The terms of office shall be one year for President, Vice-President, and members of the Nominating Committee, two years for Secretary and Treasurer, or for the duration of his/her term on Council, and the Honors Committee, and three years both for National and for Regional Councilors, and two years for the Student Councilor. The President, Vice-President, and those Councilors serving full terms shall not be eligible for reelection for a term not to exceed their Council term. The terms of the office of the Councilors shall be arranged so that, except for the Student Councilor, one-third of those elected at-large and one-third of those elected by the Divisions shall be retired each year.