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Geography Speakers Bureau


The Geography Speakers Bureau is an effort by the American Association of Geographers (AAG), building upon and advancing its commitment to public outreach, informed and timely communication, and lending geographic research and education to addressing pressing issues and debates.  The AAG has compiled a list of scholars, teachers and other professionals who are willing to share their expertise and experience not only to other geographers but also to wider academic, scientific, policy, and public audiences. 

To reflect the intellectual diversity of the field of geography and to address themes that have recently arisen in importance within political, scientific, and advocacy circles, the AAG Speakers Bureau will begin by structured around three major themes:

  • Social and Spatial Justice
  • Climate and Environmental Change
  • Power of Mapping & Geographic Information

The Speakers Bureau seeks to have an impact both inside and outside the Academy. It is hoped that it will assist academic departments, scholarly institutes, and other university programs in locating visiting speakers for colloquia, seminars, conferences, teach-ins, town-gown partnerships, and other educational outreach.  The Speakers Bureau is also committed to informing wider public audiences of the theoretical, empirical, and practical insights that geographers bring to the study of social and spatial justice, climate and environmental change, and the power of mapping of geographic information.  Thus, some participating speakers would be available to engage professional associations and societies, private industry, non-profits and foundations, government agencies, community organizations, and activist initiatives. In some instances, the Speakers Bureau might also be useful to journalists and media outlets in locating experts for interview for a newspaper or magazine story, radio/television/podcast appearance, and the growing number of online blogs and other journalistic and documentary projects.