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Real-Time Interactive GPS/GIS Archive

Space-time analysis is a rapidly growing research frontier in geography, GIS, and GIScience. Advances in integrated GPS/GIS technologies, the availability of large datasets (over time and space), and increased capacity to manage, integrate, model and visualize complex data in (near) real time, offer the GIS and geography communities extraordinary opportunities to begin to integrate sophisticated space-time analysis and models in the study of complex environmental and social systems, from climate change to infectious disease transmission.

The AAG has compiled this is archive of journal articles, press releases, and other media exploring the topic of real-time interactive (RTI) GPS/GIS technology between 1990 and 1998.

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  • Smith, Harold J. Letter of appreciation to Tom Lyman (May 18). PDF


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  • "GeoLink Moves Mapping into a Whole New Field - Yours." Document. GeoResearch, Inc. PDF
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  • Peterson, Darrel, and James R. Meenan. “GeoResearch, Inc., Carries Out Widespread GPS/GIS Mapping Of Mississippi River Flood Using GeoLink”. Press Release. GeoResearch, Inc. PDF
  • Peterson, Darrel, and Suzanne Richardson. “U.S. AID Funds Technology Transfer Abroad”. Press Release. GeoResearch, Inc. PDF
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  • “EIS Teams with GeoLink for Real-time Field Data/GeoLink Integrated with Rockwell System.” Environmental Software Report (December), 13-14. PDF
  • “GeoLink Version 3.1 Offers ‘Third Generation’ of New GeoLink Field Mapping Features.” ARC News (Winter), 6. PDF
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  • "GeoResearch, Inc. Finds Software Niche." Global Positioning & Navigation News (November), 2. Reprint. PDF
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  • “Highway Inventory Mapping.” GeoResearch, Inc. PDF 
  • “Natural Disaster Mapping.” GeoResearch, Inc. PDF
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