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                        MyCOE Community Food Source Inventory

Teacher: Hannah Jardine

Students: Christian Arias, Nicholas Ball, Lesly Bravo, Aissatou Diallo, Daniel Garcia, Elmer Hernandez, Paula Hernandez, Yoceli Herrera, Guillermo Huezo, Alyssa Johnson, Sydney Lee, Edwin Musun, Esmerelda Olmos, Michael Osei-Tutu, Alexis Rubio, Oscar Valle, Skylar Webb

Geographic Focus: Riverdale, MD, USA

Date Completed:19 Nov 2012

Project Description: Students asked the question: What steps can we take towards a more sustainable food system? Students discussed where their food comes from and what problems might occur from the current system. Students looked at the food labels of food sources that they brought in to find the production location and then calculated the distance the food traveled using As a class, we calculated that on average the food traveled 3429 km. Students explained factors that may determine where different foods come from as well as problems with depending on getting our food from around the world. Students concluded that it is necessary to start growing your own food or buying more foods locally as well as spread the word to the community about the importance of growing and buying local foods.

Main Project Theme: Food Security

Map Description: The map displays the location of production for the food sources analyzed by the students. The map shows that the food sources (from students in Maryland, USA) come from across the US and the world.

Photograph Description: Food Sources Used for the Food Source Inventory Activity-Students analyzed food packages to find location of production for the food sources.


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