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Geography Organizations around the World:

Join the AAG in Promoting Worldwide Geographic Perspectives at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is pleased to invite you and your geographical association to participate in two international efforts under the My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development (MyCOE) partnership ( by:

I.     encouraging youth in your country to conduct MyCOE projects for Rio+20 and beyond, and
II.      responding to a brief survey about sustainable development challenges in your country. 

I. Encourage Youth-led MyCOE Projects in Your Country

MyCOE is a U.S. Type II Public-Private Partnership established in 2001 in conjunction with the United Nations World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. It provides geographic perspectives, learning resources, and technological tools to encourage youth to engage with their local communities around global sustainability themes. The AAG serves as MyCOE Secretariat.

In preparation for the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012, the AAG is working with our partners to showcase this decade-long collaboration and nearly 500 projects (some of them featured here). We are also pursuing new collaborations and projects using online geographic tools and social media to highlight at Rio+20 and beyond. The AAG encourages your geographical association to engage youth in your country in MyCOE and help us in our efforts to demonstrate the contributions of geography to sustainable development at Rio+20. We would like to ask you to reach out to geography teachers and students in your country, encouraging them to submit their sustainable development projects and maps at See resources and tools for creating new projects at

II. Respond to a Brief Survey about Sustainable Development Challenges in Your Country

Also in preparation for Rio+20, the AAG would like to learn what your geographical association feels are the most pressing challenges or obstacles related to sustainable development and growth in your country. We hope an official representing your association will respond to a brief survey. The responses will be compiled and widely shared at the Rio+20 conference (geographical associations that respond to the survey will be acknowledged in our display). The survey results will also be widely disseminated to the AAG membership and posted on the MyCOE website.

How To Respond to the Survey Questions: We are happy to accept responses to the survey questions by:
1. An online version of the survey: Please click here to access the survey.

2. E-mail: Please click here to download the paper copy of the survey and mail it to
3. Fax: Please click here to download the paper copy of the survey and fax it to (+1 202-234-2744)
Please respond no later than May 15, 2012. 


On behalf of the AAG, thank you so much for your support. Through these efforts the AAG hopes to foster mutually rewarding exchanges among our organizations.

Youth Making a Difference

Browse, like and comment on the projects submitted by young people from around the world to help us select the public favorite!

Explore this interactive map of MyCOE Projects, 2001-2013.


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Have you or a young person or group you know created an innovative or interesting solution to a sustainable development challenge in your community? Tell us about it so we can share it with others around the world.