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Editors, Editorial Board and Production team

The Annals of the AAG has four editors, each of whom serve a four year term, and are responsible for articles in one of the four thematic areas. An Editorial Board assists with editorial responsibilities, while staff from the AAG and Taylor and Francis manage various aspects of the production process.


Human Geography
       Nik Heynen, University of Georgia

Nature and Society
       James McCarthy, Clark University

Physical Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
       David R. Butler, Texas State University

Geographic Methods
       Ling Bian, University at Buffalo

Cartography Editor

Stephen Hanna, University of Mary Washington

American Association of Geographers team

Jennifer Cassidento, Publications Director and Managing Editor

Taylor and Francis team

Emma Sanders, Managing Editor
Lea Cutler, Production Manager

Editorial Board

Derek H. Alderman, University of Tennessee
Li An, San Diego State University
Luc Anselin, Arizona State University
Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, State University of New York–Buffalo
Matthew Bekker, Brigham Young University
Bruce Braun, University of Minnesota
Daniel G. Brown, University of Michigan
Michaela Buenemann, New Mexico State University
Dawna Cerney, Youngstown State University
Yanwei Chai, Peking University, China
Sharad Chari, University of the Witwatersrand
Wendy Cheng, Arizona State University
Mathew Coleman, The Ohio State University
Rosemary-Claire Collard, Concordia University, Canada
Glen Coulthard, University of British Columbia, Canada
Jeremy W. Crampton, University of Kentucky
Susan Cutter, University of South Carolina
Joe T. Darden, Michigan State University
Diana K. Davis, University of California, Davis
Jessica Dempsey, University of British Columbia, Canada
Kate D. Derickson, University of Minnesota
Martin Dijst, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Carolyn Finney, University of Kentucky
Jen Jack Gieseking, Trinity College, Connecticut
Hannah Gosnell, Oregon State University
Daniel A. Griffith, University of Texas at Dallas
Inci Güneralp, Texas A&M University
Matthew Huber, Syracuse University
Wendy Jepson, Texas A&M University
Brian King, The Pennsylvania State University
Werner Kuhn, University of California, Santa Barbara
Rebecca Lave, Indiana University
Hui Lin, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Alex Loftus, King's College London, UK
George Malanson, University of Iowa
Geoff Mann, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Corene Matyas, University of Florida
Cary J. Mock, University of South Carolina
Todd W. Moore, Towson University
Alison Mountz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Alan T. Murray, University of California, Santa Barbara
Larissa Naylor, University of Glasgow
Kathleen Nicoll, University of Utah
Karen O'Brien, University of Oslo, Norway
Tracey Osborne, University of Arizona
Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia, Canada
Malini Ranganathan, American University
Lynn M. Resler, Virginia Tech
Paul Robbins, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Morgan Robertson, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Fausto O. Sarmiento, University of Georgia
Nathan Sayre, University of California, Berkeley
Randall Schaetzl, Michigan State University
Ginger L. Schmid, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Tim Schwanen, University of Oxford, UK
Anna Secor, University of Kentucky
Rashad Shabazz, Arizona State University
Zehao Shen, Peking University
Xun Shi, Dartmouth College
Michael C. Slattery, Texas Christian University
Markus Stoffel, University of Geneva
Kate Swanson, San Diego State University
Erik Swyngedouw, University of Manchester, UK
Petra Tschakert, The University of Western Australia
Monica W. Varsanyi, City University of New York
Ian J. Walker, Arizona State University
Donggen Wang, Hong Kong Baptist University
Shaowen Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Marion Werner, State University of New York–Buffalo
Cherie Westbrook, University of Saskatchewan
Richard Wright, Dartmouth College
Ningchuan Xiao, The Ohio State University
Emily T. Yeh, University of Colorado Boulder
Karl Zimmerer, The Pennsylvania State University



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