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New geography books

Every month the AAG compiles a list of newly-published books in geography and related areas. Some are selected for review in the AAG Review of Books.

Publishers are welcome to send new volumes to the Editor-in-Chief (Kent Mathewson, Editor-in-Chief, AAG Review of Books, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803).

Anyone interested in reviewing these or other titles should also contact the Editor-in-Chief.

August 2019

Climate Machines, Fascist Drives, and Truth by William E. Connolly (Duke University Press 2019)

Culinary Nationalism in Asia by Michelle T. King, ed. (Bloomsbury Academic 2019)

Everyday Equalities: Making Multiculutres in Settler Colonial Cities by Ruth Fincher, Kurt Iveson, Helga Leitner, and Valerie Preston (University of Minnesota Press 2019)

Focus on Geodatabases: In ArcGIS Pro by David W. Allen (Esri Press 2019)

Food Values in Europe by Valeria Siniscalchi and Krista Harper, eds. (Bloomsbury Academic 2019)

GIS for Science: Applying Mapping and Spatial Analytics by Dawn J. Wright and Christian Harder, eds. (Esri Press 2019)

Globalizing the Caribbean: Political Economy, Social Change, and the Transnational Capitalist Classby Jeb Sprague (Temple University Press 2019)

Gods of the Upper Air: How a Circle of Renegade Anthropologists Reinvented Race, Sex, and Gender in the Twentieth Century by Charles King (Doubleday 2019)

Green Infrastructure: Map and Plan the Natural World with GIS by Karen E.Firehock, R. Andrew Walker (Esri Press 2019)

Human Geopolitics: States, Emigrants, and the Rise of Diaspora Institutionsby Alan Gamlen (Oxford University Press 2019)

Hydropolitics: The Itaipu Dam, Sovereignty, and the Engineering of Modern South Americaby Christine Folch (Princeton University Press 2019)

Imperial Metropolis: Los Angeles, Mexico, and the Borderlands of American Empire, 1865–1941 by Jessica M. Kim (University of North Carolina Press 2019)

Meat Planet: Artificial Flesh and the Future of Foodby Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft (University of California Press 2019)

Other Globes: Past and Peripheral Imaginations of Globalizationby Simon Ferdinand, Irene Villaescusa-Illán, and Esther Peeren, eds. (Palgrave Macmillan 2019)

Savage Ecology: War and Geopolitics at the End of the World by Jairus Victor Grove (Duke University Press 2019)

Spatial Histories of Radical Geography: North America and Beyondby Trevor J. Barnes and Eric Sheppard, eds. (Wiley-Blackwell 2019)

Taste, Politics, and Identities in Mexican Foodby Steffan Igor Ayora-Diaz, ed. (Bloomsbury Academic 2019)

The Age of Disruption: Technology and Madness in Computational Capitalism by Bernard Stiegler (Polity 2019)

The Battles of Germantown: Effective Public History in Americaby David W. Young (Temple University Press 2019)

The Book of Lost Saints by Daniel Jose Older (Imprint 2019)

The Emergence of National Food: The Dynamics of Food and Nationalismby Atsuko Ichijo, Venetia Johannes, Ronald Ranta, eds. (Bloomsbury Academic 2019)

The Poetics of Natural History by Christoph Irmscher (Rutgers University Press 2019)

Wilted: Pathogens, Chemicals, and the Fragile Future of the Strawberry Industry by Julie Guthman (University of California Press 2019)

Women and GIS: Mapping Their Storiesby Esri Press (Esri Press 2019)