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Special Issues of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers

A Special Issue that highlights the work of geographers around a significant global theme is published annually in the Annals. 

2016: Geographies of Mobility
Editor: Mei-Po Kwan 

The 2016 Special Issue will cover  areas such as: (im)mobility and social differentiation and inequality; (im)mobility of the oppressed, subjugated and persecuted; (im)mobility and social exclusion; experience of (im)mobility; politics of (im)mobility; commuting; leisure travel; tourism; mobility by different transport modes; sustainable mobility; mobility and resilience; disasters, natural hazards, and mobility; mobility, wellbeing and health; mobility, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; space-time modeling and GIS-based analysis of mobility; mobility research methods; and other relevant areas.


2015: Futures: Imagining Socio-Ecological Transformation

Editor: Bruce Braun
Publication: January 2015

The 2015 Special Issue of the Annals will address social, cultural, political, environmental, economic, theoretical, and methodological issues related to imagining and enacting socio-ecological futures. These include geographical research in areas such as: knowledge production and possible socio-ecological futures; critical perspectives on climate futures; transformation, transition, revolution and resilience; spatial futures and climate justice; governing socio-ecological futures; eco-climatic, eco-hydrological and ecosystem dimensions of socio-ecological futures; the role of science-fiction, art and imaginative socio-ecological futures; utopias, dystopias and apocalypses. 


2014: Migration

Editor: Richard Wright
Publication: March 2014

The 2014 Special Issue of the Annals will address any one or more of the following related themes: immigration, migration, transnationalism, forced migration, diaspora studies, and other relevant areas.


2013: Water

Editor: Mark A. Fonstad
Publication: March 2013

Table of Contents
The 2013 Special Issue of the Annals will address any one or more of the following related themes: water and conflict, spatial disparaties in access to water-related services, water and global environmental change, water and habitats, analysis and simulatiojn of water systems, water and risk, policy and law applied to water environments, and other relevant areas.


2012: Health

Editor: Mei-Po Kwan
Publication: September 2012

Table of Contents
The 2012 Special Issue of the Annals will address any one or more of the following related themes:   access to healthcare, spatial disparities in health outcomes, the effect of geographic context on health outcomes, mobility and health, environment and health, development and health, space-time modeling and GIS-based analysis of health outcomes, and other relevant areas.


2011: Energy

Editor: Karl Zimmerer
Publication: July 2011

Table of Contents
"Geographies of Energy" is a new and diverse array of pioneering geographic scholarship. It examines such vitally important research topics as energy dilemmas of the United States, large trends and patterns of energy consumption includa China's role, "peak oil," energy poverty, and ethanol and other renewable energy sourcing. The stuff of recurring news headlines, these pressing energy topics are now the subject of growing geographic inquiry. The articles offer advances in key emerging areas of energy research, each distinguished in the following sections within the special issue: (i) geographic approaches to energy modeling an assessment; (ii) fossil fuel landscapes; (iii) the landscapes of renewable energy; (iv) landscapes of energy consumption; and (v) an overview of the new geographies of energy and an invited essay on America's oil dependency. In addition there is a commission book review essay examining several major monographs on geography and energy. 


2010: Climate Change

Editor: Richard Aspinall 
Publication: October 2010

Table of Contents
The 2010 Special Issue of the Annals addresses environmental, human, social, political, and methodological issues focused on the geographical dimensions of climate change, including original research in areas such as the climate record, the human and environmental impacts of climate change, the role of GISciences and modeling in understanding climate change and sustainability, and other relevant areas.


2009: Geographies of Peace and Armed Conflict

Editor: Audrey Kobayashi
Publication: December 2009

Table of Contents
How can geographers contribute to world peace? This collection gathers the insights of geographers in every branch of the discipline to discuss territory and geopolitics, the social effects of violence, resource issues, and postconflict initiatives. The issue provides an ideal reader for courses devoted to understanding the impact of violence and prospects of peace in virtually every part of the globe.

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