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Newsletter Display Ads

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) publishes geography-related display ads in the AAG Newsletter. All ads must meet AAG ethical standards and relate to the discipline or profession of geography .Display ads run for one month.

The AAG Newsletter is published monthly except for July-August, which appears as a single issue. Current circulation is approximately 10,000.

Submission deadline for the AAG Newsletter is the first day of the month previous. For example: the deadline is October 1 for the November issue. The combined July-August issue has a slightly later deadline, June 10. Please keep these deadlines in mind when preparing your ad for submission.


Display ads may be purchased at the following rates on a per month basis

Ad Size
(W x H)
Full Page
8" x 10.5"
2/3 Page
7" x 8"
1/2 Page Horizontal
8" x 5.25"
1/3 Page Vertical
2.75" x 10.5"
1/3 Page Square
5" x 5"
1/6 Page
4" x 3.5"
1/12 Page
4" x 1.75"

A display ad must be sent as a PDF with appropriate dimensions as noted above. Display ads run for one month only. Due to technical limitations we are unable to run a display ad online as it appears in the print newsletter. However, we will run only the text of the display ad online if the advertiser supplies us with the text as a separate document. We request that the advertiser send a Word file of the text of the ad in addition to the PDF to assure the timely posting of the ad to the AAG website. If the advertiser does not send a separate text document we cannot guarantee that the text of the display ad will appear online. Please send the text of the display ad in addition to the PDF.

To Place a Display Ad

Send an email to the newsletter editor at:
Please make sure to edit and read your ad carefully before you submit it. 
Please do not fax your order to the AAG.


Ads must be provided as digital art files: High resolution PDF, EPS, and TIFF files are acceptable.

Billing Address

We will send you an invoice during the first month of printed publication. Please include the appropriate billing address when you submit your ad.

Phone Payments by Credit Card

Those paying by credit card often like to do so by telephone. Please wait until you receive your invoice before calling the AAG with your payment. The AAG does not accept payment for ads until invoices have been processed and delivered to the customer. Payments may be made by phone by calling 202-234-1450. Ask for our accounting department at extension 124.

Affirmative Action Notice

The AAG Affirmative Action Committee requires those listing jobs to send to the JIG Editor the name, academic degree, sex, and rank of each person appointed as a result of an announcement in JIG. A response form will be mailed to you along with your invoice. Please return it to the AAG once your job search has concluded.