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The Aboriginal Mapping Network
Resource for aboriginal and indigenous peoples; uses GIS mapping

The American Historical Association
Professional association for Historians

Ancient World Mapping Center
Research center at UNC Chapel Hill

Center for History and New Media
Based at George Mason University; promotes the use of digital media and computer technology in historical research

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science
Provides access to tools to aid the spatial analytic capabilities of researchers in the social sciences

Digital Scholarship Lab
Based at the University of Richmond; develops digital humanities projects that integrate thoughful interpretation in the humanities and social sciences

Gateway for Historical Geographical-Information Systems (his-GIS)
Members can publish dates of events like exhibitions or conferences. The forum is open for academic discussion. Furthermore Weblinks can be listed and users can strengthen their academic network

Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis
Supports research projects and courses needing spatial analysis; provides training and consultation in the use of geospatial technologies

HGIS Carolina
A transdisciplinary, campus-wide working group and community of interest for anyone at UNC-Chapel Hill practicing, studying, or interested in the use of GIS to research, model, analyze, or visualize the past

Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC)
A networking community of individual scholars and institutions, interested in the opportunities that technology offers for cross-disciplinary learning and research

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
Develops information technology as a tool for scholarly humanities research

Keck Digital Cultural Mapping Program
Program at UCLA that strives to develop an undergraduate curriculum for digital cultural mapping via GIS and other map-based digital applications

National Center for Preservation Technology & Training
Center within the National Park Service that applies science and technology to historic preservation

Scholarly Communication Institute (SCI)
Provides an opportunity for scholars and leaders in scholarly disciplines and societies to design, test, and implement strategies that advance the humanities through the use of innovative technologies

University of Alabama Placenames Research Center
Nationally recognized research facility for toponymic study

University of Sydney Archaeological Computing Laboratory
Focuses on emphasizing spatial and temporal dimensions in humanities scholarship, particularly historical research

University of Sydney Digital Innovations Unit (DIU)
Provides a platform for information sharing, research support and technical innovation, and enables new approaches to the use of digital methods in humanities research

Wired Humanities Projects (WHP)
Develops and supports digital humanities projects at the University of Oregon