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Region: Africa
Sponsor: Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University
Contact: Benjamin Lewis,

The "American Century" Geospatial Timeline
Region: United States, Europe
Time Series: 1865-2009
Description: The "American Century" Geospatial Timeline is the result of an assignment given to three sections of an American literature survey course. Students were assigned two years in the time period 1865-2009 and researched the four most important events of the year, which they plotted on the timeline and with latitude and longitude. The project not only helps provide broader context for the study of literature but also asked students to learn to work collaboratively to create a useful resource.
Sponsor: Clemson University English Department
Contact: Brian Croxall,

Animated Atlas of African History
Region: Africa
Time Series: 1879-2002
Description: Place names, boundaries, political systems, conflicts, demographics
Sponsor: Brown University
Contact: Nancy Jacobs,

Arch Atlas Project
Region: Eurasia
Time Series: pre-history, early historic times
Description: growth of farming, trade, settlement and urban systems
Sponsor: University of Sheffield

Batanes Islands Cultural Atlas
Region: Batanes islands, Philippines
Description: cultural research is presented in a GIS to create geo-temporal maps; hosted by ECAI Sponsor: Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)

Beijing in Transition: A Historical GIS Study of Urban Cultures, 1912-1937
Region: Beijing city
Time Series: 1912-1937
Sponsor: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Contact: Prof. Billy K. L. So,; Dr. Peiyao Zhang,

Belgian Historical Geographic Information System
Region: Belgium Time Series: 1800- 1963/2003
Sponsor: Universiteit Gent
Contact: Eric Vanhaute,

Berkeley Mapper
Description: A collection of mapping applications providing integrated functions using GoogleMaps, Terraserver, and open source mapping software components
Sponsor: UC Berkeley

Beyond Steele
Region: Bethlehem, PA/the Lehigh Valley
Time Series: early 20th Century
Description: industry's impact on society
Sponsor: Lehigh University Digital Library

Canadian Century Research Infrastructure
Region: Canada
Time Series: 1911-1951
Description: Historical data sets from the 1911-1951 Canadian census manuscripts are created and a GIS is utilized to create map layers for geographic analysis.
Contact: Dr. Chad Gaffield, Principal Investigator,

Centennial Historical Atlas
Region: Europe & Middle East
Time Series: 11th century -present day
Description: Border changes and territorial conflicts
Sponsor: Centennia Software
Contact: Frank Reed,

Chico Historical GIS
Region: Northern California, USA
Time Series: 1862-1960
Description: Historical maps, ownership records, population data, historical photographs and contemporary historic resource documentation centralized and deployed from one integrated information management system.
Sponsor: California State University, Chico
Contact: Heidi Ogle,

China Historical GIS
Region: China
Time Series: 221 BCE - 1911 CE
Description: Place names, administrative boundaries, administrative seats, towns, villages, administrative hierarchy, natural features, basemaps, historical religious sites and other locations
Sponsors: Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies
Contact: Lex Berman,

China in Time and Space (CITAS)
Region: China
Sponsors: Joint Committee on Chinese Studies (JCCS); The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN); and University of Washington

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space
Region: China
Time Series: 1820-2008
Sponsor: GIScience Team, Academia Sinica Computing Center

Comparative Settlement Archaeology of Cambodia
Region: Cambodia
Time Series: approximately 9th ? 15th Centuries CE
Description: Study of ancient water management systems surrounding temple complexes in Cambodia
Sponsor: University of Sydney Digital Innovation Unit (DIU)
Contact: Dr. Damian Evans,

The Countryside Transformed: The Railroad and the Eastern Shore of Virginia, 1870-1935
Region: Virginia
Time Series: 1870-1935
Description: Transportation, population
Sponsor: University of Virginia
Contacts: Brooks Miles Barnes; William G. Thomas, III

Cultural Atlas of Vietnamese Buddhism (CAVB)
Region: Viet Nam
Description: provides data on 4000 sites, including photographs, images of inscriptions, information from local gazetteers, description of festivals and monastic events, art and archaeological artifacts, inventories of printing blocks and manuscripts, lineages of past teachers, and architectural features
Sponsors: Vietnam Buddhist University; Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)

Devotional Landscapes: Mapping Patron Saints of the Indian Towns of New Spain
Region: Modern-day Mexico
Time Series: 1800
Description: locations of Indian towns and their affiliations with patron saints
Sponsors: Geographic Information Science Center, UC Berkeley; El Colegio de Mexico
Contact: ccary[at]

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations
Region: Eurasia, North Africa
Time Series: Roman Empire, Middle Ages
Description: DARMC offers a series of map layers bearing on multiple aspects of Roman and medieval civilizations in the broadest terms.
Sponsor: Harvard University

Digital Atlas on the History of Europe since 1500
Region: Europe
Time Series: Selected years and/or periods pertaining to the theme of the maps
Description: Series of maps, many GIS-based and for interactive use, on the territorial development, political and dynastic rule, religion, population, economy, and society of Europe from 1500 to today.
Sponsor: Institute of European History, Area of Study on "Spatial Research on the History of Europe since 1500", Mainz, Germany
Contact: Dr. Andreas Kunz (atlas editor),

Digital Harlem 1915-1930
Region: Harlem, New York City
Time Series: 1915-1930
Description: Depiction of everyday life; events, people, and places
Sponsor: University of Sydney Digital Innovation Unit (DIU)
Contact: Dr. Stephen Robertson,

A Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922-1946
Region: Ireland
Time Series: 1922-1946
Description: Interactive maps and GIS visualizations show the geographies of Irish writers in the early twentieth century
Contact: Dr. Charles Travis,

The Electronic Atlas of Ancient Maya Settlements: A Geographic Information System
Region: Central America
Time Series: Pre-colonization
Description: Settlement patterns, archaeology
Contacts: Dr. Clifford T. Brown,; Dr. Walter R. T. Witschey,

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)

Region: Global
Description: research data indexed by time and place using temporally-enabled Geographic Information Systems software

Geographic Information Systems for Civil War Battlefield Preservation
Region: United States
Description: Civil War battlefields
Contact: William J. Durmmond,

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia
Region: Virginia and the Atlantic Ocean Region
Time Series: 1736 to 1790
Description: Ads, court records, newspaper notices, slaveholder correspondence, and assorted literature for slaves and servants are presented; users can generate maps from the data to visualize patterns through time in flights of black slaves and white servants
Sponsors: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH); Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; University of Virginia?s Center for Technology and Teacher Educaiton, Electronic Text Center, and Virginia Center for Digital History;
Contacts: Thomas M. Costa,

Georeferenced Databases for Accessing Historical Data (GEORIA)
Region: Canada
Time Series: 1835-2002
Description: environmental, social and health-related data
Sponsors: University of Toronto; Universite Laval

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France
Region: Burgundy, France
Time Series: Celtic Iron Age-Present
Contact: Scott Madry,

Giza Plateau Mapping Project (GPMP)
Region: Egypt
Description: Archaeological data from ancient Egypt
Sponsor: Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA)
Contact: Farrah L. Brown, GIS Specialist,

GLO Vegetation GIS Maps
Region: Iowa
Time Series: 1832-1859
Description: Maps depicting Iowa's vegetation character, quantity, and distribution have been digitized to prepare a vegetation data layer for GIS data analysis
Sponsors: State Preserves Board; The Iowa Department of Natural Resources; Iowa State University Department of Landscape Architecture and College of Design
Contact: Paul F. Anderson,

Google Ancient Places (GAP)
Region: The Ancient Mediterranean World and Near East
Time Series: 7th century BCE - 19th century CE (both ancient primary sources and modern out-of-copyright scholarship)
Description: GAP aims to discover references to ancient places in large text corpora, such as Google Books, and then visualise the results using webmapping technologies.
Sponsors: Google Digital Humanities Research Grant
Contact: Elton Barker,

Great Britain Historical Geographic Information System (GBHGIS)
Region: Great Britain
Time Series: 1801-2001
Sponsors: University of Portsmouth; University of Leeds, Centre for Computational Geography; The Queens' University of Belfast, Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis
Contacts:; Humphrey Southall,; Paula Aucott,

Greater Angkor Project (GAP)
Region: Angkor, Cambodia
Time Series: 12th-16th Centuries CE
Description: examines the urban complex and the regional and ecological impacts that may have played a part in its decline
Sponsor: University of Sydney Digital Innovation Unit (DIU)

Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network
Region: Philadelphia
Description: A web-based GIS utilizing geographical, chronological, and historical documentation databases
Sponsors: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL)
Contact: Bruce Laverty, Project Director,

Hawai'i Island Digital Collaboratory for Humanities Science Projects 
No website available
Region: Hawai'i
Description: Combines scientific data with humanities knowledge of Hawai?i in a interactive, online, geospatially-referenced knowledge portal
Sponsors: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH); The Kohala Center; Redlands Institute of the University of Redllands; and Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail
Contact: Karen Kemp,

Historical Event Markup and Linking Project (HEML) - cocoon
Description: A java web application that transforms events marked up in an XML schema into timelines, maps and animated maps represented in SVG
Sponsor: Mount Allison University Department of Classics
Contact: Bruce Robertson,

Herman Melville in the Marquesas
Region: Island of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Time Series: 1830s
Description: maps based on literary accounts
Sponsor: Geographic Information Science Center (GISC), University of California Berkeley
Contacts: Caverlee Cary,; Xing Liu,

HESTIA Project (Herodotus Encoded Space-Text-Imaging Archive)
Region: The Ancient Mediterranean World and Near East
Time Series: 7-5th century BCE
Description: Involving collaboration between researchers from Classics, Geography and Computing, HESTIA employs the latest digital technology to examine the ways in which Herodotus talks about places in his narrative of the war between Greeks and Persians, and produces a series of online mapping tools that can be used to investigate his representation of the ancient world.
Sponsor: Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)
Contacts: Elton Barker,

Hidden Patterns of the Civil War
Region: United States; Virginia; Richmond, Virginia
Time Series: 1860-1865
Description: "Hidden Patterns of the Civil War" collects a number of interrelated projects on the sectional crisis, slavery, and emancipation during the Civil War era, with a particular emphasis on the histories of the city of Richmond and the state of Virginia. Grouped as "texts" and "maps," these projects use digital tools and digital media to uncover and represent patterns that are not easy to find when we look at particular pieces of evidence in isolation and only become evident when we visualize a wealth of evidence in graphs, maps, and models.
Sponsor: Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond
Contacts: Scott Nesbit,

Historical Geographic Information System Germany
Region: Germany
Time Series: 1820-1914
Description: Population, administrative boundaries, industry
Contacts: Dr. Andreas Kunz; Dr. Alexander Zipf,

Historical GIS Friesland
Region: the Dutch province of Friesland (Fresia)
Description: social and demographic history
Sponsors: Fryske Akademy; The Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, the Hague (NIDI); Data Archiving and Networked Services, The Hague (DANS); Universiteit Leiden
Contact: Hans Mol,

Holocaust Geography
Region: Europe
Time Series: 1942-1944
Description: World War II Nazi convoy movements from France during the years of occupation
Sponsors: Texas State University, San Marcos; The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Contact: Alberto Giordano,

Holocaust Historical GIS Project
Region: Europe
Time Series: World War II
Description: examines geographic aspects of the Holocaust from the continental to the local scale
Sponsors: Middlebury College; Texas State University, San Marcos; The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Contact: Anne Kelley Knowles,

Irish Population Change Atlas and The Atlas of Irish Famine Data
Region: Ireland Time Series 1841-2001/2
Sponsor: IRCHSS/NCG, NUI Maynooth
Contact: Mary Kelly,

Lewis and Clark Across Missouri
Region: Missouri
Time Series: 18th-19th centuries
Description: cultural and natural history, Missouri river landmarks, Lewis and Clark Expedition routes
Sponsor: University of Missouri
Contact: James D. Harlan,

Linguistic Geographies: The Gough Map of Great Britain
Region: Great Britain/British Isles
Time Series: Middle Ages, CE c.1350-1500
Description: An interactive online version of the late-medieval map of Great Britain known as the Gough Map, with searchable database of historical, geographical and linguistic map-features, as well as interpretative essays about the map's content and provenance.
Sponsor: Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), as part of its 'Beyond Text' programme, and resulting from research collaboration between Queen's University Belfast, King's College London, and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford (UK)
Contact: Keith Lilley,

Living with Heritage (LWH)
Region: Angkor, Cambodia
Description: versatile GIS based monitoring system to track, visualize, and compare change over time at differing scales
Sponsor: University of Sydney Digital Innovation Unit (DIU)

Locating London's Past
Region: London, England

Time Series: 1660-1820
Description: Locating London's Past provides an intuitive GIS interface for researchers to map and visualize textual and artefactual data relating to seventeenth and eighteenth-century London against a fully rasterised version of John Rocque’s 1746 map of London and the first accurate modern OS map (1869-80).
Sponsor: Funded by JISC
Contact: Professor Robert Shoemaker,

The Map of Early Modern London
Region: London, England

Time Series: 1550-1650
Description: The Map of Early Modern London (MoEML) is a digital atlas, encyclopedia, and library of the literature and culture of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century London that takes the 1560s woodcut map known as Civitas Londinum (the “Agas Map”) as its platform.  By the end of 2012, we will have georeferenced and georectified Civitas Londinum.  Over 700 sites and streets will be linked to pages providing a description, quotations from contemporary sources, links to other information, and a bibliography of literary references.  The project offers a platform for dynamic editions of topographical and peripatetic texts (e.g., street pageants), a publication venue for scholarly research, a compilation of links, a concordance of dramatic references, a personography of early modern Londoners, and a partially annotated bibliography of sources.  The project is affiliated with the London Metropolitan Archives and the journal Early Theatre, and indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.  The combination of tools, data, and literary texts in a dynamic and searchable research environment allows us to ask and answer questions about the city in which Shakespeare and his contemporaries lived and worked.
Sponsor: University of Victoria (Department of English, Humanities Computing and Media Centre, Faculty of Humanities, the Office of the VP Research); Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Contact: Dr. Janelle Jenstad, Department of English, University of Victoria,

Mapping Ayutthaya
Region: Eurasian continent, and the city of Ayutthaya
Description: Trade, temples and historic sites
Sponsor: Geographic Information Science Center (GISC), University of California Berkeley
Contacts: Caverlee Cary,; Xing Liu,

Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City
Region: North America
Time Series: 1900-2010
Description: property and land use, urban renewal, racial, demographics
Sponsors: University of Iowa
Contact: Colin Gordon,

Mapping Du Bois Philadelphia Negro
Region: Philadelphia, PA
Time Series: late 19th- early 20th centuries
Description: Information from W. E. B. Du Bois? study, The Philadelphia Negro, has been digitized with the goal of mapping and analyzing the data using GIS and spatial statistical methods
Sponsors: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH); University of Pennsylvania Foundation; Samuel S. Fels Fund; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Research and Education Fund; John B. Hurford Humanities Internship Program, Haverford College; Penn Institute for Urban Research; University of Pennsylvania Press; Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Contact: Amy Hillier (project director),

Mapping History Project
Region: Global
Description: illustrations of various historical events, developments, and dynamics
Sponsors: The Oregon University System; The University of Oregon; The Norman Brown Family Fellowship Fund; The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; Universitat Munster.

Mapping Gothic France
Region: France
Time Series: 1100-1500 AD
Description: Our intention in creating Mapping Gothic France has been not just to develop a more appropriate way of representing the spaciousness of individual monuments, but to provide the user of the site with new ways to understand the relationship of hundreds of buildings conventionally described as "Gothic" -- in terms of sameness and difference, found in the forms of multiple buildings within a defined period of time and space that corresponds to the advent of the nation of France.
Sponsors: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Contact: Caleb Smith,

Mapping the Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire
Region: Greece, Turkey, Balkans, Southern Italy
Time Series: 650 CE to 1492 CE
Description: The project aims to map and interpret Jewish life in the Byzantine Empire using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). It will collect published, and unpublished, evidence from texts, inscriptions and archaeology relevant to Jewish communities: their whereabouts, their history, their relationships with each other and with their wider environment, including trade routes and historical developments, and also about individuals and their relations. This evidence will be integrated within a GIS and disseminated across the World Wide Web, making it possible for the first time to study the Jewish minority not only in its own right, but also within wider Byzantine or Jewish history, on the basis of firm and reliable data.
Sponsors: University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity, Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Study, European Research Council

Mapping the Lakes: A Literary GIS
Region: England/The Lake District
Time Series: 1769-1802
Description: This project explores the use of GIS in literary studies by mapping out topographical texts by the canonical English poets, Thomas Gray and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Sponsors: British Academy / Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Lancaster University
Contact: Dr David Cooper,; Dr Ian Gregory,

Mapping Medieval Chester: place and identity in an English borderland city c.1200-1500
Region: Chester; Welsh / English border
Time Series: evidence for the GIS was sampled from historical documents and plans over a long period of time, and a GPS survey carried out in 2008
Description: This AHRC-funded research project brings together a team including literary specialists, historical geographers and historians to explore space, place and identity in medieval Chester. The project asks questions about Chester as a city on the (often troubled) border between England and Wales, and about how different medieval inhabitants imagined and represented the urban space around them.
Sponsors: Swansea University; Queen’s University Belfast; King’s College London.  Funding body: UK Arts and Humanities Research Council
Contact: Catherine Clarke, Project Director,; Paul Vetch, Technical Director,

Mapping the Medieval Urban Landscape: Edward I's New Towns of England and Wales
Region: England and Wales
Time Series: 13th and 14th centuries
Description: uses GIS and GPS to examine how urban landscapes were shaped in the middle ages
Sponsors: Arts & Humanities Research Council; Queens University Belfast
Contact: Dr Keith Lilley,; Dr Christopher Lloyd,

MPDIR Population History GIS Collection
The MPIDR Population History GIS Collection supports demographic and socioeconomic research by filling gaps in the European GIS-data-infrastructure on historical national and regional administrative boundaries and historical place names (project information page.

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)
Region: United States
Time Series: 1790-2000
Description: GIS boundary files based on aggregate census data
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF); Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

National Register District GIS Project (NRDGIS)
Region: Ohio
Description: Data concerning historic property records & addresses within the state of Ohio are converted to digital data for inclusion into a GIS system
Sponsor: The National Center for Preservation Technology & Training (NCPTT)

Netherlands Geographic Information System (NLGIS) 
Region: the Netherlands
Time Series: 1812-2000
Description: Regional variation in historical municipal data is shown on a GIS
Sponsor: Radboud University Nijmegen
Contact: Onno Boonstra,

The North-West Shropshire Tithe Maps and Apportionments 
Region: Shropshire County
Time Series: 1836-1848
Description: Data on tithes (land taxes) are to be added to a spatial digital database to create information about social and economic conditions in the area in the mid-19th century
Contacts: Derek Williams,; Rachel Summers,

Region: The Ancient World
Time Series: 7th century BCE - 19th century CE (both ancient primary sources and modern out-of-copyright scholarship)
Description: Pelagios brings together an international consortium of ancient world projects (including Perseus, Pleiades and Arachne) in order to link different kinds of datasets (not only texts, but also images and databases) about ancient places in an open and interoperable way.
Sponsor: JISC (UK)
Contact: Elton Barker,

Pennsylvania Cultural Resources Geographic Information System
Region: Pennsylvania
Description:  A map-based inventory of historic resource data from archaeological sites and surveys throughout Pennsylvania
Sponsors: Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission; Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; Federal Highway Administration, the Baltimore District of the Army Corp of Engineers, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Region: Mediterranean
Time Series: Classical age
Description: To provide on-line access to all information about Greek and Roman geography from the Barrington Atlas
Sponsor: Ancient World Mapping Center at UNC Chapel Hill
Contact: Tom Elliott,

Portuguese Mapping of the Coast of Africa (PMOCA)
Region: West African Coast from Gibraltar down to to Great Fish River on southern coast of Africa
Time Series: 1434- 1510
Description: When a tsunami and 8.8 earthquake destroyed nearly all the records of Portuguese exploration of the west African coast, the only surviving maps were those outside of Lisbon at 9.30 AM on November 1, 1755. After a dozen years, we have acquired digital images of nearly every surviving map, and are working backwards from the maps to discover the nature of the survey techniques used.
Sponsor: A joint collaboration between the University of California Humanities Research Institute, GIS Data Center at Rice University, and the Texas Learning & Computation Center, University of Houston. Funded by the American Council of Learned Societies and the National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities.
Contact: Patricia Seed,

Portuguese National GIS
Region: Portugal
Time Series: 1770-1911
Contact: Prof. Doutor Luis Nuno Espinha da Silveira,

Race & Place: An African-American Community in the Jim Crow South
Region: Charlottesville, Virginia
Time Series: 1880s-mid 20th Century
Description: An archive about the racial segregation laws from the late 1880s until the mid-twentieth century in The Charlottesville, Virginia; contains photos, letters, two regional censuses and a flash map
Sponsors: Virginia Center for Digital History; The Carter G. Woodson Institute of African and Afro-American Studies, and The University of Virginia

Redlining Richmond
Region: Richmond, Virginia
Time Series: 1936-1937
Description: In the late 1930s the Home Owners' Loan Corporation (HOLC), a New Deal agency created to refinance homes and prevent foreclosures, surveyed real estate trends in the nation's largest cities.  Redlining Richmond focuses on the assessment surveys and the map produced for Richmond, Virginia. It has been developed to allow visitors to explore the information collected and produced by the HOLC and its local agents, comparing and contrasting that evidence both spatially on maps and as lists.  Running throughout the assessment surveys collected by the HOLC is the issue of race, and this site allows you to investigate the centrality of race in the politics and on the landscape of Richmond in the late 1930s. 
Sponsor: Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond
Contact: Robert K. Nelson,

Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project
Region: Massachusetts
Time Series: 1692
Description: Contains historical, digital maps of the Salem, MA area in 1692
Sponsor: The University of Virginia
Contact: Benjamin C. Ray,

Region: Australia
Time Series: 100,000 year time scale - present day
Description: A Satellite-style reconstruction reflects changing coastlines, with time-aware icons, even photographs can be taken through a timewarp to view reconstructed ancient landscapes
Sponsor: Environmental Futures Network, Monash University
Contact: Matthew Coller,

A Searchable Relational Database of Buddhist Monasteries in China (BGIS)
Region: China
Time Series: 17th Century
Description: Provides geographical distribution of religious institutions and their relation to other cultural and social institutions in China
Sponsor: University of Arizona
Contact: Dr. Jiang Wu,

Seminole Geography - Using GIS as a tool for Tribal Historic Preservation Offices 
Region: Florida and parts of the Southeastern United States
Description: Development of a GIS to enhance STOFTHPO?s archeological research data
Sponsor: Seminole Tribe of Florida Tribal Historic Preservation Office (STOFTHPO)
Contact: Paul N. Backhouse OR Juan J. Cancel, (863) 983-6549(863) 983-6549

South Korea Historical GIS
Region: Korea
Sponsor: Institute of Korean Culture, Korea University

Teaching History with GIS
Region: Global
Description: Use of maps to teach history, also provides downloadable GIS data
Sponsors: ThinkQuest; ESRI

The Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library (TDHL) Historical GIS
Region: Tibet & Himalayas
Time Series: prehistory-20th Century
Sponsor: The Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library, supported by the University of Virginia Library
Contacts: John Vincent Bellezza,; Karl E Ryavec,; Geoff Childs,

Description: Mapping applet that generates temporal, interactive maps
Sponsors: The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI); David Rumsey Map Collection; MacquarieNet Online; Chicago South Asia Language and Area Center; Australian Research Council; University of Sydney
Contact: Ian Johnson,

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database Project
Region: Transatlantic (Africa and the Americas)
Description: Slave-trade
Sponsor: Emory University's Robert W. Woodruff Library, and National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH)
Contacts: David Eltis,; Martin Halbert,

Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA)
Region: Middle East, Egypt, Cyprus
Time Series: 19th-early 20th centuries
Description: Archived travelers accounts of customs, art, architecture, politics, transportation, etc.
Sponsors: Institute of Museum and Library Services; CITI; Rice University
Contact: Lisa Spiro, Project Director,

Using GIS to uncover lost sections of the Trail of Tears
Region: Arkansas/the US South
Time Series: 1830s
Description: Uses a GIS to help find historic features that can help identify lost sections of the Trail of Tears
Sponsor: The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program (AHPP)
Contacts:; Tony Feaster, GIS/Mapping,

The Valley Project
Region: Augusta County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Time Series: 1859-1870
Description: Details slavery, politics, religion, battles, infrastructure, topography, agriculture and everyday life in two Civil-war era towns through archived letters, diaries, newspapers, census and church records
Sponsor: Virginia Center for Digital History
Contact: Edward L. Ayers,

Visualizing Early Washington DC
Region: Washington, DC
Time Series: 1790-1820
Description: UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (IRC) is working to re-create Washington DC in its early years 1790-1820. Remarkably little visual information remains from this time period. What began as a simple effort to use 3D digital re-creation and display techniques has become full-scale research to uncover the original landscape. In 1791, Pierre-Charles L’Enfant arrived in Georgetown Maryland with orders from President George Washington to lay out the new Federal City. What did he actually see as he rode the land on horseback? This is just one question that we are trying to answer.
Sponsors: Imaging Research Center, UMBC. Partial support from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.
Contact: Dan Bailey, Director, Imaging Research Center, UMBC, Baltimore Maryland, 21250,

Visualising Urban Geographies
Region: Edinburgh, but with wider implications
Time Series: post-1750
Description: Visualising Urban Geographies is a project that provides mapping tools for historians. It enables them to use digitized and geo-referenced maps in conjunction with historical information based on either addresses or districts. This spatial dimension enriches historical understanding and analysis, and can also be applied to other subject areas. The focus on Edinburgh is deliberate: to explore the potential of the mapping tools where there is available data and a wide range of suitable maps. 
Sponsors: Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK; University of Edinburgh; National Library of Scotland
Contact: Professor Richard Rodger,; Christopher Fleet,

Voting America
Region: United States
Time Series: 1840-2008
Description: Voting America encourages users to think about US political history by allowing two types of comparison. Animations of a single tyle of map -- say, measuring the winner of presidential elections at the county level -- allow for comparisons across time. Users can also explore a single election by looking at patterns across a number of variables, including the percentage of votes won by parties, the winner of a given district, or the distribution of votes across the United States.
Sponsors: Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond
Contact: Robert K. Nelson,

World-Historical Dataverse
Region: Global
Time Series: past four or five centuries
Description: Create and standardize a comprehensive set of data on social-scientific, health, and environmental data for the world as a whole and for its constituent regions and localities, for the past four or five centuries
Contacts: Siddarth Chandra,; Patrick Manning,

World Map
Region: World
Sponsor: Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University
Contact: Benjamin Lewis,


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