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African Population Database
Provides boundary and census data, raster data

Boston Data Portal
A geographically-based internet portal aimed at providing both government and academic datasets, covering both the City of Boston and the surrounding metro region, including both current and historical data

Cartographic Boundary Files, U.S. Census Bureau
Boundary files available from the Census Bureau's TIGER geographic database are designed for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS)

China Dimensions Data Collection
Hosts a variety of socioeconomic data, including Geographic Information System (GIS) databases that cover the administrative regions of China

China Historical GIS Data Archive
Database of populated places and historical administrative units

China in Time and Space (CITAS)
Maintains databases of spatially- and temporally-referenced data on China

Colonialism and Its Legacies: A Comprehensive Historical Dataset
No website available
Historical datasets focused on Anglo-European and Japanese colonialism from 1400 – present day

Georeferenced Databases for Accessing Historical Data (GEORIA)
Environmental, social and health-related temporal data for Canada

Global Land Precipitation Dataset
Precipitation datasets for 1900-1998

Global Temperature Dataset
Temperature datasets for 1900-1998

Great Britain Historical Database Online
Database of British nineteenth and twentieth-century statistics; created as part of the Great Britain Historical GIS (GBHGIS)

The Human Mortality Database (HMD)
Provides detailed mortality and population data for 36 countries/areas

Hurricane Katrina & Rita Clearinghouse Cooperative
Created to facilitate the collection, dissemination, and archiving of data related to Hurricane Katrina and Rita; provides downloadable GIS data

Indiana Severe Weather GIS information
Graphical Database of severe weather Reports in the United States (1950-2006)

Iowa Environmental Mesonet GIS information
Links to shapefiles, GIS environmental databases, and various GIS projects using IEM data

MPDIR Population History GIS Collection
The MPIDR Population History GIS Collection supports demographic and socioeconomic research by filling gaps in the European GIS-data-infrastructure on historical national and regional administrative boundaries and historical place names (project information page.

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)
Both statistical and mapping census data available for download

Natural Resources Canada
Environmental data from 1960-present day

The Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
Shapefiles and other data for each state are available for download

NOAA/NWS Geodata
Shapefile databases, other GIS weather-related data

Race & Place: An African-American Community in the Jim Crow South
Provides census databases and city directories

A Searchable Relational Database of Buddhist Monasteries in China (BGIS)
Through databasing and electronic mapping, the site integrates different types of data about monasteries and illustrates them visually on maps

TAHPDX: Great Decisions in U.S. History - HISTORICAL GIS DATA
Downloadable GIS data for lesson plans

Teaching History with GIS, GIS Resources
Downloadable temporal GIS data, especially useful for teachers to create their own custom maps for the classroom

The Valley Project Databases
Databases of church records, personal papers, tax digests, official war records, and various census databases

Virginia Emigrants to Liberia
Searchable database of nearly 3700 Virginia emigrants to Liberia

World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Arctic Climate Systems Study (ACSYS) Historical Ice Chart Archive
Shapefiles depicting sea-ice observations from various time periods

World-Historical Dataverse Archive of World Historical Data
For users of individual datasets; trade statistics, population, HDI, tax, and health data for various time periods