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We are organizing a 4-day conference and training workshop in Cairo, Egypt from June 14-17 2010, similar in structure to the 2006 Amman workshop. The first segment will be hands-on training in the use of GIS software and GPS technology to enhance the analytical and decision-making capacity of Egyptian municipal planning professionals. The second portion of the workshop is a roundtable with presentations by international (US or other), regional (MENA) and Egyptian experts on applications of geospatial information and GIS to urban management and sustainability issues including agriculture, water management, urban planning, land use, environmental pollution and energy. This portion of the workshop will promote active and open dialogue between the attendees and the presenters.
Click here for more information on the Cairo Workshop.

 The program team is also working on a 2 day regional roundtable in Abu Dhabi that builds on the output of the 2006 Amman workshop. The output of the roundtable is a roadmap for establishing a robust geospatial information technology ecosystem in the Arab region. The anchor partner for this project is the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (