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 (photo: S. Elhami) 


Workshop Coordinators (left to right): Fernando Echavarria - US Dept. of State, Mohamed Argoun - NARSS, and Marsha Goldberg - AAG (photo: S. Elhami)


Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator (in background)  Fernando Echavarria  - US Department of State and Dr. Ayman El-Dessouki - Chairman of NARSS (photo: U.S. Embassy in Cairo)


(left to right) Ayman El Dessouki - NARSS, Mona Aziz - NARSS, and Fernando Echavarria - US Dept. of State (photo: J. Davila)


Workshop organizers & participants: Mohamed Argoun, M. Habib, Mona Aziz, Shoreh Elhami (photo: J. Davila)


Workshop discussion (photo: J. Davila)


Final reception (photo: J. Davila)


Final reception (photo: J. Davila)


Islamic Cairo (photo: J. Davila)