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Volunteers share their experiences and give advice about college life, graduate school, job searches, networking, navigating the AAG Annual Conferences, and more to graduate or undergraduate students. Faculty or employers who are looking to implement activities to achieve greater diversity in their programs and workforces, and who wish to converse about ideas and experiences are also welcomed. This informal venue seeks to provide an open forum to share recent success stories, engage in conversations regarding recruiting and retention strategies, understanding student and faculty mentoring needs, improving departmental climate, and other insights from the unique perspectives of the ambassadors.

(Founding Group of AAG Diversity Ambassadors, Las Vegas, 2009)

If you would like to volunteer as an AAG Diversity Ambassador for the next conference, please let us know.


You are a crucial piece of the puzzle.

AAG Diversity Related Groups

A number of volunteer committees, specialty and affinity groups are directly engaged in making a difference in our discipline around issues of enhancing diversity, promoting inclusion, and broadening participation in geography.  Among them are:

  • Enhancing Diversity Committee
    Appointed by the AAG Council to take actions to facilitate ongoing AAG initiatives to enhance diversity in the discipline.  Diversity in this sense is envisioned in its broadest demographic definition, indicating, ethnic, gender, disabilities, and other underrepresented groups. This includes monitoring and promoting enhanced status for women and minorities in the profession and serving as a commission of record for any grievances by members with respect to discrimination and graduate admission, hiring, employment, and career development, or other related issues. The committee also considers nominations and selects awardees of the Glenda Laws Award and the AAG Enhancing Diversity Award.
  • Committee on the Status of Women in Geography
    Appointed by the AAG Council to monitor and promote enhanced status for women in the profession. See also the list of resource groups on Gender and Geography.
  • Community College Affinity Group
    Seeks to give community college geographers a stronger voice within the discipline and within the AAG by disseminating information about funding opportunities for projects relevant to community college geography, enhancing research and professional development opportunities for community college faculty, and promoting curriculum development of GIS and other technical areas.
  • Disability Specialty Group
    Fosters communication among AAG members and to encourage research, education, and service that addresses issues of disability and chronic illness. The group provides support and advocates with disabled members of the Association while working closely with other specialty groups to promote common interests and develop intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects.
  • Ethnic Geography Specialty Group
    Promotes the common interests of persons working in ethnic geography, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas within the AAG, and encourages its members in their research and teaching of ethnic experiences from comparative, national/transnational and global perspectives.
  • Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group
    Promotes geographic research and education on topics relating to women and gender.
  • Graduate Student Affinity Group
    Supports student members of the AAG by increasing participation of graduate students in the life of the profession and by better preparing graduate students for careers in Geography.
  • Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group
    Fosters pure and applied geographic research and geographic education that involves the Indigenous people of the world, past and present; encourages approaches to research and teaching that empower Indigenous peoples, and to help build relationships of mutual trust between communities of Indigenous peoples and academic geographers; and stimulates and enables direct participation of Indigenous peoples in geography.
  • Sexuality and Space Specialty Group
    Promotes and facilitates scholarly and other geographic inquiry into human sexualities and related issues.
  • Stand Alone Geographers Affinity Group
    Provides a forum for discussion and sharing of resources for geographers who work alone or in small programs or departments at their respective institutions and increases their visibility in the discipline and in the Association of American Geographers.

AAG Enhancing Diversity Award

The AAG Enhancing Diversity Award honors those geographers who have pioneered efforts toward or actively participated in efforts toward encouraging a more diverse discipline over the course of several years. The award is presented at the Awards Luncheon during the AAG's Annual Meeting.  Deadline for nominations is September 15, yearly.

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